Friday, July 10, 2015

The Bear Cubs' Champion Looks To Be Just That..


Apparently, there has been a hack, fully redacted, of an Email back and forth between the (now) suspended provincial conservation officer who refused to kill those two bear cubs, Bryce Casavant, and his superior(s).

After laying out why he thinks the bear cubs are not risk to humans and can be rehabilitated before release back into the wild Mr. Casavant appears to have written the following:

"...My primary mandate is public safety and the immediate threat has been removed (ie. the sow). My duties as a law enforcement officer do not include the needless destruction of a baby animal that can be rehabilitated.

If a provincial vet would like to do a full health and behavioural assessment for potential euthanization at a later time that that is the call of an informed decision maker who is a qualified veterinarian and will abide by zoology best practices for the destruction of the animal..."

Sounds like a responsible, ethical, and logically-thinking conservation officer to me (i.e. the kind we want out in the field by the dozen).

The responses from the supervisor(s) are stomach churning.

Cassidy Olivier, who received the hack, and has put the full thing up on Scribble says he has a report coming soon in The Province.



JasonS said...

1. Media involvement in either rescue attempts, or at the rehab center needs to be strictly controlled. Unnecessary stress caused by media engagement can impede the safe rescue and rehab of the bear cubs, therefore, media must not be invited to either a rescue

That is the coup de grace right there.

Anonymous said...

conservation officer
conservation= to save and or preserve and protect
officer=the authority to act

Anonymous said...

Don F. said...

Mr. Casavant has shown character and conviction. He is to be admired and acknowledged for this.
My firm wish is that he could play a greater part in our county. Somehow though I don't think politics deserve him.

Don F. said...

Off Topic, well sort of…. I lost my two furry best friends this week all in a period of 48 hours.
Our dog Abbey had too be put to sleep thursday evening, she had lost all ability to use her hind legs and her quality of life had hit zero. We lost our cat Sofie saturday after suffering a stroke.
I know this is part of the life cycle but at the same time I am very sad. I will lay low for a period of time and try to adjust.
Take Care friends and love those pets while they are here.

RossK said...

Really, really sorry to hear that Don.

C and the two E's are away this weekend....My constant companions have been the Whackadoodle and my feline friend formerly known as the Squirrel Kitten.

Don't know what I would have done without them.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sorry to hijack the Thread, but our thoughts are with Don F.
Been there/done that too many times over the years...........
And am approaching it soon once again.
Once again, sorry to disrupt the Thread.

Gary L.