Thursday, July 16, 2015

Health Care Worker Firing (ctd)...How Much Do The Clarklandians Want The Ombudsman?


For a second there it looked like, essentially, not much as Cindy Harnett of the VTC in the lede of her latest:

B.C. Ombudsperson Jay Chalke addressed the (legislative finance) committee (last) Wednesday asking it not to refer to his office a 2012 Health Ministry investigation that led to the firing of eight drug researchers unless an amendment to a section of the Ombudsperson Act was made.

Deputy Attorney General Richard Fyfe advised the committee the change was unnecessary as it was unlikely to become a problem in a probe of witnesses in the case ...

And then, after Mr. Fyfe had finished playing his flute and banging his drum, things suddenly changed.

...(Clarklandian Attorney General Suzanne) Anton initially agreed with her deputy minister and said in the B.C. legislature Wednesday that the change wasn’t needed.

Today, committee chairman Scott Hamilton wrote to the attorney general explaining the section of the act in question was “an outstanding impediment” to the Ombudsperson’s ability to ensure a timely and effective investigation.”

“We are writing to advise you section 19(2) has been identified as a key obstacle to the committee’s ability to reaching a swift and consensus-based decision on the Minister of Health’s request,” the letter said...

And now, bingo-bango-boss-n-cooler, Ms. Anton has changed her mind and says she will introduce an amendment to section 19.2 of the Ombuddy's Act in the legislature next week.

What's that all about anyway Alfie?



(2) Subject to section 18 and to subsection (4), a person who is bound by an enactment to maintain confidentiality in relation to or not to disclose any matter must not be required to supply any information to or answer any question put by the Ombudsperson in relation to that matter, or to produce to the Ombudsperson any document or thing relating to it, if compliance with that requirement would be in breach of the obligation of confidentiality or nondisclosure.

As for that pesky Section 18 that folks would be 'subjected' to?

Well, that all has to do with the 'Executive' which we've talked about before.

Seems to me that, if that 18 thing isn't dealt with also, all bets should be off from the get-go.

And where do we recall the good Mr. Fyfe banging his drum before?....Ah, yes...Now we remember.



Anonymous said...

unless everyone is accountable,including the premier,its all fake?

RossK said...



And unless it is done in public too.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of BC Rail...

Has anybody seen a final decision on the TAX deal that was required from Ottawa? Or is BC on the hook for that $BILLION liability?

RossK said...


I seem to recall the Dean telling us not to worry our pretty heads about that...But I've never seen anything official.

NVG is the one who probably knows the story.


Lew said...

This link is to a good summary of the tax credit implications. How they were actually implemented will undoubtedly require some considerable digging, given the reticence on the part of our transparent governments to tell us what they do with our money.

RossK said...

Thanks Lew!