Friday, July 31, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Lost, Leaving & Returning.


We've been away on one of the farthest outermost edges of Lotusland.

So I shut the mojowire down completely for a week or so.

And it was good.

And now, today, I see that our fine Premier has put 'He-Who-Keeps-Promises' at the top of Translink Pops so that he can face-off and/or make-like-Monty-Hall with one of the layers of all that now invisible astroturf that carpets the (toll-goin'-up!) ice bomb bridge.

Or some such thing.


But nevermind all that.

Because the real news I missed while I ceased paying attention is that the Weakerthans are, apparently...

No more.

You can get a polished live rendition of most of Mr. Samson et al's catalogue...Here.
Unlike the Two E's, I eschewed the renting of the wetsuit...Not because I wasn't bloody freezing before the numbness came on but more out of homage to my Dad who never would have considered such a thing, especially that time my younger/middle brother made up the fake 'We Are Really From Texas' license plates that we slapped on the microbussed K.Van the time we headed out into the rainforest waves lo those 35 years or so ago...



Bill said...

Welcome back Ross. The west coast of Vanc Is. should be on the bucket list of all Canadians (in any season). Sounds like you had a stress reducing recharge and good time (sans wetsuit et politics), good for you! You haven't missed much, just more of the same with a few possible bright spots and...

BC Update: Peter (Mack the Knife) Fassbender after degrading public education is now in charge of Translink Demolition Derby. Transport Minister Todd Stone has been slightly downsized... but to put a positive 'spin' on this - he will now have more time for hallway meetings and deleting e-mails. Mike de wrong is in Malaysia for another Petronas shake down. Minister Cadeaux is still Minister Cadeaux and surprisingly Sparkel Christie is missing in action again - both literally and figuratively.

National Update: Rumored proposed new Reform-Con campaign slogan... 'The Harper economy it's only just a technical recession and it isn't my fault.' Etc. etc.

RossK said...

Thanks for the catch-up Bill!

And I see the good Mr. Baldrey has found a whole new set of hippies to punch.

More on that coming...


e.a.f. said...

ah, yes the great cabinet shuffle. can we expect a lowering of speed limits shortly. I think christy most likely didn't want Tod Stone out in front of the camera that much. That's her job and he isn't going to be getting it any time soon.