Thursday, June 03, 2010

Does The RailGate Trial's Endgame Have A 2nd Calendar?



If there was a RailGate Trial plea-bargain/settlement/resolution coming, when, if you were Gordon Campbell, would you want it to go down?

....Last week?

....This week?

....Next week?

I'm placing my bets on the latter.


Well, it would seem to me that, if there is a snap resolution and/or sudden end to the trial that the pre-trial publication ban would just as suddenly be off.


And with the ban off, could not the Opposition (assuming we still have one) actually ask some real questions during Question period?

Except, as you can see from that calendar above, there are no more green boxes left.

In other words, the Ledge is now closed for the duration.

Thus, I think we will find out next Monday morning if the jig is really and truly up.

Or not.


Thanks, I think, to the Anon-O-Mouse on the comment threads that made like the White Rabbit and fed this thing, albeit in a slightly different form, into my head.....



BC Mary said...

Honest to gosh ... the current Legislative Session ended today ... ??

today: June 3, 2010??!

I didn't know. Did you know? So that's how much good our Accredited Journalists are, when a well-informed electorate needs to be kept in touch with ... um, er ... things.

Kim said...

What does it take to hold an emergency session of parliament and who can call it? Say, if there were an alledged breach of public trust?

Anonymous said...

Not only did the BC Legislature close yesterday but there are no plans for it to reopen in the fall. And closure was used to ram through a couple of bills like "The HST" and the bill to take all authority away from the BC Utilities Commission. Now the govt OK any activity that might affect the environment in the privacy of their offices. No need for that pesky debate in the legislature when on can just use an Order-in-Council to take care if it. The BC Liberals call the legislative debates "busy work." So much for democracy in BC.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Bruce MacKinnon's cartoon in the Halifax Chronicle Herald. Although it is from NS, it still captures the closed govt spirit of the Leg in BC. Go to this address today to see it. I am Anon 10:56.

RossK said...


Not only did most folks not know about the timing of the closing of the legislature, I'd be willing to bet that 9 and-a-half out of 10 British Columbians don't know anything at all about the fact that the BCUC was just emasculated as was noted by Anon-Above

(thanks for that AND the cartoon Anon!)


You've got me on that one....But you can bet that if recall initiatives get going in earnest that there will be some real discussion about a lot of these issues in the pretty near future.