Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RailGate Roulette....You Make The Call



Double-Secret Probation Update, 2:00pm Tuesday: Marcella Bernardo of the (nolongerso)Giant'98 is reporting that it is game back on again for real given that the judge has made her ruling....Actually, I think that Ms. Bernardo just may have pushed the envelope a little on the PBan....Despite that we've just gotta wonder who looked happier leaving the courtroom....Billy or Mikey B?....

Update, 1:00pm Tuesday:
The rumours, innuendos and the proMedia were ALL wrong....Because there is no jury today....More legal wrangling and faux cattle rustling....Mr. Brown, however, is supposed to be on the stand tomorrow though....From the 'credit-where-credit-is-due' department, Neal Hall of the VSun has an interesting value-added tidbit, which is that the late starts this week (11:15am) are to accomodate a juror who is taking an apprenticeship course that starts at.....Get this!.....6:00am....Which, of course, is an extremely ironic juxtaposition to Supreme Court Officer's hours

Rumour, innuendo, and even a proMedia report or two, has it that the jury will actually be back in the RailGate courtroom today so that the cross-examination of Gordon Campbell's chief-of-staff Martyn Brown will finally resume once again.

When we last off, way, way back on June 17th the proceedings came to a screeching halt when, as Bill Tieleman noted:

When Brown was last on the witness stand lawyer Michael Bolton, representing David Basi, asked Brown if he knew that RCMP Inspector Kevin DeBruyckere was the brother-in-law of BC Liberal Party Executive Director Kellly Reichert.

Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino objected to that question before Brown could answer and the cross examination was suspended at that point.....


Why did Mr. Bolton ask such a question and why, indeed, did Mr. Berardino object so strenuously?


We figure you could, if you were so inclined, place your bets on a number of possible faaaaaantastical Fantasy-Gardenesque, PresqueVuvian-type options, based on presumably imaginary conversations that may (or may not) have ever taken place between the good Inspector and BC Liberal Party Exec. Director:

a) Mr. R. mentioned to Inspector DeB. that he really, really misses those whacky Radio NL days up in 'The Loops' when he could burst into Claude Richmond's constituency office at all hours of the day and night and ask him absolutely anything without being told to go FOI himself?

b) Inspector DeB. bragged to Mr. R. that the moniker 'Project Every Which Way' was actually all his idea?

c) Mr. R. asked Inspector DeB. if he had ever come across the long searched-for, but never found, 'Bud Smith Cell Phone Blooper-Reel Tapes' in the Horsemen's secret hiding place?

d) Both agreed, in low, secretive whispers, that they kinda/sorta wished that they had taken their shots as back-up singers with the Backstreet-B-Boys back in the day.....Especially on the tunes with all the high-falsettos and spin moves.

e) None of the above?

Place your bets!

(or feel free to offer up your own not-so plausible alternatives in The Comments....But please always remember that absolutely no pre-trial publication bans whatsoever can be harmed in any and all bouts of participatory snarkolepsy)



Ian said...

Looks like tomorrow at around 11:15 we get Brown back. My guess is that he'll say "I remember forgetting that" or some such variation.

RossK said...



What about Mr. R and Inspector DeB.

Have they forgotten everything too?


If so....Is there any, you know, other potential....ahhhhhh....documentary time machines out there that could help all concerned with their memories?


Anonymous said...

The Inspector will be referring to his copious notes.

Anonymous said...

or has the Inspector taken the same route as Martyn Brown, and ignored his notes altogether for the past eight years.

RossK said...


Are you sure Mr. Brown didn't make like the guy in Mission Impossible and self-destruct 'em?

(any and all notes I mean)

Henri Paul said...

Well it was tough but, I think Ive figured out how to keep the wheels rolling with out any further disruptions in this Mickey Mouse BC Supreme court trial, hearing, discovery etc.
The de-fench must shut up or quit asking the witness questions. Me thinks the Judge, shes a might bit testy.

North Van's Grumps said...

Its a trial, not taking a lunch into Court Room #54 (no food permitted); its a trial not driving downtown and parking the car for six hours (seven dollars an hour for the convenience); its a trial to kill an hour and a half to two hours for lunch (I'm used to half an hour); its a trial to wait for the 15 minute intermissions to be over (no coffee shop inside on the fifth floor)(besides the intercom announcing that the intermission is over doesn't go beyond the buildings glass walls); its a trial to use public transportation (mixing with the masses I); its a trial to spend close to Ten dollars for Lunch (and mixing with the masses II); its a trial to use the Skytrain to Main and Terminal station (not as far as Patterson)/then walk to Broadway and Cambie in 30 minutes/and grab the Canada Line to Vancouver Centre Station/ then Walk to Robson Court Room to kill that extra long Lunch Break; its a trial to realize I could use my real name versus a fictitious one; its a trial to realize that the lawyers are probably earning $200 an hour, the MSM, maybe $100 an hour plus lunch/parking, and I'm in the debit column; its a trial to know that I would have spent $15 per day, aw lets call it $20 per day if I include the Starbucks Tall Hot Chocolate drink in the morning and the Short Decaf Americano in the Afternoon; its a trial like any other trial; I could just walk down the hill eight blocks and visit my own Court House and walk back for lunch; its a trial being a Senior with thirty years to go and having to go two zones to get to Court Room #54.

RossK said...


Let's wait and see....must be a whole lot a blisters on a whole lotta fingers from all that wrangling....



It sure is a trial alright.

But is it Kafka yet?


kootcoot said...

It's been Kafka since mere days after the infamous raids and Basi,D. and Virk, B. were treated entirely differently for NO APPARENT reason.

One was suspended with pay (for almost a year until actual charges were laid) and the other fired outright, or suspended without pay, even though no one (like Campbell, Brown etc.) knew anything about anything, officially at least.

Maybe folks like Brown, Les, Heed, Campbell, Dobell and the rest of the criminal syndicate types are feeling a nervous tic as they notice the lies starting to catch up with the YVR Murderers. After all these months of apparently getting away with it all and lies being accepted as gospel it appears that a Special Prosecutor might not be following a script provided by the guilty.

Maybe SP Peck really is special - or at least honourable - which really shouldn't be special, in the justice system it should be merely normal!

RossK said...


Maybe we could get Mess'rs Braidwood and Hughes to do everything for us?


Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell's corrupt sale of the BC Rail trial. Seems nothing but a farce. Martyn Brown is brain dead, he can't remember a dam thing. Who takes him home, after his day in court is over? Surely to God, he doesn't go home, by himself? Why don't they get a real Kangaroo, to judge the case? I can't even remotely imagine, how people can think, the judicial system isn't corrupt. Campbell has silly little vendetta's, against anyone who opposes him, they find themselves out of a job. This is why, everyone is covering Campbell's corrupt ass. Campbell, is a communist dictator. Why else would Canadian Intelligence, be keeping an eye on BC? Fadden only said, what the BC people already knew. Poor Gordo, he said, Fadden wasn't professional. You have to be corrupt, to be professional, in king Gord's realm?