Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Glamming Of Eleanor, But Not Sweet Lou.


While I'm kind of glad it's finally going (this mind you is the opinion of a guy who still wants Captain Jack Farr to run 23 and-a-half/7 on the MotherCorp), I must confess that the penultimate GO show this morning was pretty good.

It was some kinda/almost/sorta reality long-gone thing called 'The Secret Glam Rock Diaries of Eleanor Wachtel'.

Of course there were clues of the unreality of the thing stamped all over it, like the bit about meeting a coffee-jazzed, blonde-haired streaky girl named Debbie out of nowhere, circa 1974.

But the music was good.

And the weird existentialism that was threaded into the thing sometimes rose above the usual banalities spouted by host Brent Bambury every single week.

And then there was a wee bit, right near the end, that actually stripped away the glam and got right down to it:

....Sometime in the next century, people will look back at (Lou Reed's) music and say, "Was it great Rock and Roll?"

(And) no one will ask, "What was he wearing?"


If you wanna have a listen to E. Wachtel read a bunch of words that might, or might not, be partially her own mixed-in with a dose of NYDolls tottering on the edge of oblivion, you can find it here (see June 19, 2010 show on audio list on the right sidebar).

Alternatively, if you wanna hear Captain Jack shake all of those Willow Trees of Winnipeg's north end that are still filled with Finkelman's..... Well....As far as I can tell from a first pass through the Google-Cache, you're pretty much sh*t outta luck.

Which is a damned shame, because I'm pretty sure nobody ever asked Jackie what he was wearing, right from the very beginning.

Or even if he was really even there.




Ian said...

And EW has such an art song voice on the radio. I would have picked Leonard Cohen, not Mott.

Mostly pretty great song choice. But as you know RossK I'm a bit of a song snob, so I'd have gone with Slade, not Sweet, Coney Island Baby, not the popular one that somehow made the radio back when the idiosyncratic had a chance and, of course, All the Way to Memphis because it reminds me of the shiver up my back I got from the first ten minutes of Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Plus, where are the first three Roxy Music records?

Oh, the seventies, what I can remember of them.

RossK said...

All the freaking way from Memphis.


Great choice Ian.

Oh, and just to fuel the snob in you (and those of my half-a-generation later), apparently Ian Hunter was a real life inspiration for Mick Jones in the day before his days.

(and nobody seems to what either of those two fellows was wearing already)