Sunday, June 06, 2010

RailGate Rumour Mill.....What We Do NOT Know.



Update, Monday a.m: Apologies everyone who has been trying to get through....Blogger has gone cuckoo with the comments....They are trying to fix it, 'allegedly'....Meanwhile, am running a rumour-reduced, semi-live blog of today's proceedings upthread, here....

Shhhhhhhh......Just listen for a second would'ya.

Because I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

Which is that.

Bloggers talk.

To each other.

Off-line, even.....


And yesterday afternoon (Saturday) we started talking to each other about all these strange messages, tips, and rumours we were getting about how the trial is supposed to end tomorrow, Monday.

And those messages/rumours/tips most definitely did NOT originate within the corner of the Lotuslandian Bloggodome that has been paying closest attention to all things RailGate.



What do we know for sure?

Well, at this point absolutely nothing.

For example, we do not know for sure if....

The judge has suddenly made a new decision about witness lists....or witness availabilities....or the Premier's suitability as a witness.... or cloaks of invisibility for witnesses on double-secret probation.

And we do not know if the Judge has actually taken heed of Robin Mathew's assertion regarding a potential conflict of interest that may have arisen during the original appointment of the special prosecutor way, way back in ancient times (ie. in Dec 2003, before the Ledge Raids even took place).

And we still aren't quite clear if the fact that the Special Prosecutor seemed to say something different about the state of 'immunity' for his star witness during his opening statement three weeks ago than he did six months ago was truly objectionable in a way that could affect the ability of the trial to move forward.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, we don't know if all the legal 'wrangling', that went on last week, apparently at least in part at the behest of the defense (thank-you Mr. Hume!), will send everything back to 'protocol-purgatory' and/or into 'admissibility-application limbo' such that the chances of, as the judge said Thursday, 'matters...resolving-themselves' just may be 'missed' for good.


Now, having said all that, there is one thing we do know for sure.

Which is that...

If this trial does not happen such that all of the documentary evidence that we KNOW actually physically exists* is not brought to the fore so that ALL of the relevant people involved can be examined and cross-examined, under oath.....

Well, that will truly be a travesty.


Because BC Rail was once owned by all the people of British Columbia.

And all of those people, rather than just the precious few who ultimately benefitted, deserve to know how the deal really went down.

Especially if dirty tricks were used to make sure it did.**


*I actually have much of that evidence stored in pixel form on this very box that I'm typing on right now, as well as on a thumb drive and a couple of my favourite sites way up in the cloud, not to mention all the ink on a pile of paper that is sitting right next to my left elbow down here in the Subterranean Homesick Blues Room (ie. the basement)....
**Why 'especially'?.....Because I would argue that such 'tricks' have been used subsequently by this government, its agents, operatives, turf-meisters and friendlies to ram it's 'deals' through, and are likely being cranked-up all over again on any number of 'initiatives' that are underway right now, at this very moment (and, yes, we're looking at you GlobalTeeVee/Keith Baldrey - again).....
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a lawn to mow, dirt to turn, and a guitar to strum...So buzz-off PAB-Bots!, would 'ya..... I mean it's Sunday for chrissakes, and you and I both know we're all waiting to see if Gary Mason, like he's prone to do, is going to jump the gun on this one too....Me, I figure such a piece from the Maceman, if it is actually in the works, will show-up on my feed at about 9:12pm PDT this evening....
Update, Monday noon: The piece from the Maceman most definitely did NOT turn-up....And anybody who wishes to can most definitely take THAT to the bank....