Wednesday, June 09, 2010

RailGate Rebooted?



Update, 11:10am: Take that Question Mark (and the Mysterians?) off the header, because Neal Hall in the VSun was first out of the gate to tell us that ALL 12 Jurors are back in the box and ready take this mother home.....Apparently, Mr. Brown is already back on the stand....It's Game On, for really real, now folks!


Assuming that at least one of either Number 11 or Number 12 agrees to rejoin the proceedings for the duration so as to give the Judge a comfortable cushion, it would appear that "RailGate For Real, Day 4" will finally happen today.

Which means that the Bilderbergian Bad Boy's (way, way) right hand man, Mr. Martyn Brown, could be back on the stand for further cross-examination by the defense.


Wonder what he might be asked about today?

Me, I'd sure like to know what went down during the following little meeting (see passage in red, below) that apparently took place just BEFORE or just AFTER the Ledge Raids in Dec 0f 2003:

...(Premier Gordon) Campbell said (then Solicitor General Rich) Coleman had warned him before he left on his annual Maui vacation (in Dec 2003) that "something might come up" during his absence that would require Coleman to be able to get hold of him quickly. The premier said he'd surmised that "something" was probably a police investigation of some sort, given Coleman's specific position in cabinet. However, he stressed, Coleman at that point had provided him with no more details, and certainly no mention of drugs, organized crime or the corruption of a police officer - all of which are themes that apparently run through the year-long police investigation that finally ended up in the legislative halls.

Coleman told him of the specific search warrants involving the legislative buildings only on the Sunday morning as the police were removing boxes of documents and computer hard drives from the offices of Basi and Virk. However, Campbell said, Coleman had also given Brown some type of briefing on the issue, even though Brown is not an elected official and was in fact, Basi's and Virk's boss in government, as much or more as their individual ministers.....


Where the heck did that come from, you might be asking yourself?

Well, it's from a story written by Barbara McLintock, published in The Tyee, from January of 2004.

Which pre-dates the pre-trial hearings.

Which means that, once again, absolutely no pre-trial publication bans have been harmed in the writing of this post.


Thanks (once again!) to reader NVG for pointing us back to Mr McLintock's wonderful series of reports from that critical pre-pre-trial publication ban time before various aspects of the investigation 'narrowed'. They are a most wonderful resource that we will be returning to often in the coming days, weeks, and months.



G West said...

I think there's another reference to Martyn Brown's phone calls to the Basi Boyz Ross....I mean in addition to Ms McLintock's...I think it came right from the horse's mouth - so to speak. I'll see if I can dig it up.

You're right about Ms McLintock being missed too.

Rick Barnes said...

Just get on with the trial already. How many elections have to go by before the corruption of the Campbell government sees the full light of day!

G West said...

Yep. Found it.

In Gary Mason's piece published in the Globe on December 23, 2006, Mason writes - discussing the events surrounding the Raid:

Before Mr. Basi had the chance to phone Bob Virk to alert him to the news, his own phone rang. It was the premier's chief of staff, Martyn Brown.

“Dave,” Mr. Brown said. “This is obviously a very serious situation.”

“Yeah,” Mr. Basi said. “I know.”

“Unfortunately,” Mr. Brown continued. “We're going to have to rescind your OIC [order in council] immediately.”

Dave Basi was being fired on the spot.

Mr. Brown told him there was little he could say about what was going on. Mr. Basi was in shock. He hung up and slumped into a chair. What the hell was this all about? His mind whirled.

Everything in italics is from Gary Mason's column...

Martyn Brown hired Dave Basi - and he fired him too; the question now is, why did he not have the same conversation with Bob Virk?

I think Mr Brown still has a lot to answer for Ross.


RossK said...

Fantastic GWest, thanks!....Will have to get the timeline straight for sure....if I remember correctly this happened just after the raids, right?


Mr. Barnes!

Must bring back old memories for you, eh?....Heckfire, next thing you know we'll here Little Lord Lorne sucking up to some column inches like only he can bywaxing rhapsodic about how it was actually he who saved BC Rail, or was that CN Rail?....Or the Brass Rail?....Or just the plain ol' Rusty Nail?....