Thursday, June 03, 2010

RailGate For Real....Are The Hogs Still In The Tunnel?



Update 12:30pm....Mark Hume, who, amongst the fully-accredited proMed types always seems to make the effort to give the public just a wee bit more, is reporting that Judge MacKenzie said to the following to the assembled jury before she dismissed them (again) this morning:
“Matters are resolving themselves, but we will not be proceeding today,”.....Resolving themselves????!!!!!.....What the Heckfire does a statement like that actually mean, exactly?.... Mr. Hume then went on to say that the judge also expressed, 'confidence the trial will go ahead Monday'..... Sorry Mdme. Justice, but I am no longer confident that will happen....Unless, of course, by 'going ahead' you also mean that a sudden 'resolution' is now looming over the coming Weekend's far horizon......

Update 11:00am......
Neal Hall of the VSun is reporting that the jury has been sent home and court has been ADJOURNED until next Monday....Jeebuz!....Our thanks to colleague GAB for the heads-up....Will have more to say on the implications (think: Ledge/NoLedge) later....

According to Mary's official sources (ie. the actual court registry, not some fully-accredited journalists' club crackberry blast-list) RailGate is on for today at 10am.

Scheduled is the continued cross-examination of Gordon Campbell's Chief-Of-Staff, Martyn Brown.

Next up for the Crown are supposed to be former BC Rail snout-in-trougher, Mr. Kevin Mahoney and former longtime provincial government cabinet secretary Joy Illington who worked with both Liberal and Dipper administrations.*


Will this actually happen?

After all, we learned from both Mark Hume and the CBC yesterday that it has been the Defense that has been holding things up this week (and some, myself included, have wondered about the true severity of last week's 'illness').

Which really has us wondering if somebody has already made like Monty Hall and offered up a door or three for the accused to walk through if they so choose.

*Please note that the linked-to column by Vaughn Palmer from 2008
discusses the implications of a statement from then Deputy AG/now GCampbell Deputy Minister Allan Seckel regarding Cabinet privilege protocols that was NOT made in court during pre-trial hearings. Instead, this statement from Mr. Seckel was released to the general public and it was widely commented on in the public prints by Mr. Palmer and others at the time.....Therefore, in my considered opinion, no pre-trial publication bans were harmed in the making of this link.....
An Anon-O-Mouse
speculated on the threads last night that the latest stall might have been designed, at least in part, to play out the Ledge clock to prevent any nasty questions from arising on the floor if the trial were to suddenly end such that all pre-trial publication bans were to just as suddenly go poof in a puff-of-smoke....
Hey! Speaking of play-off beards....Did anybody else see that flickering image of the ghost of Cowboy Bill Flett streaking down the right side with Scott Hartnell late in the second period of last night's game?



Anonymous said...

Ajourned again until next week


RossK said...



BC Mary said...

Many thanks, GAB, and RossK.

It's 4 years since we first started looking for a good seat in the public gallery because we thought the BC Rail Corruption Trial was under way. Ha.

It's the delay, all right. But it's also the arrogant manner in which delay is heaped upon us that got me so damn angry this morning, that

I wrote such a huge headline, I didn't need to write the story.

Luckily, The Great Satan came along and wrote that. In bold black letters.

I think we're moving into a new phase, myself, where perhaps we must take to the streets with placards aloft.

A citizen wrote to tell me about the high life Dave Basi is living in Vancouver, which sounds far removed from somebody suffering under a threat of incarceration. The citizen asks why we hear nothing about this from the [ahem ...] "accredited" media?

Whatever is happening behind closed doors ... I just don't see how it can be something good if it's something we're not allowed to hear about for cryin' out loud.

A million thanks for all that you do, RossK.

RossK said...

'Twas one of the greatest Headers in the Lotuslandian Bloggodome of all-times Mary.

(no thanks required, by the way).


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sure do like the lengthy Bill Flett quote at the end of that article about him. Yet another Bukowski on skates.

RossK said...


You're damn tootin'!