Friday, November 26, 2010

The Best proMedia Editorial You Will Read All Year....


While pretty much all of Lotusland's puffed-up punditry is going bonkers trying to figure out the intentions of a certain pink-shirted Talk Show host with a political history of quitting and losing when she's out front doing things on her own, the Victoria Times-Colonist has just published an editorial that matters.

Matters to ALL British Columbians that is.

The editorial starts like this:

"The last act in a nasty vendetta has finally played out. Premier Gordon Campbell's government has decided to kill B.C.'s only independent drug review agency. And not just kill it, but bury it in an unmarked grave.

The agency involved is called the Therapeutics Initiative. Based at the University of British Columbia, it evaluates new drugs that come on the market.

The Therapeutics Initiative saves taxpayers $50 million annually by finding cheaper alternatives. Largely thanks to its efforts, B.C. has the lowest drug costs in the country, despite offering some of the best coverage.

Moreover, the Therapeutics Initiative runs on a shoestring budget. The agency gets $1 million a year. That means it generates a 50 to one return on investment.

Finally, its researchers have been credited with saving 500 lives by issuing timely warnings about suspect medications. When the new anti-inflammatory product Vioxx came out, the agency discovered a link with increased heart attack rates. As a result, although Vioxx was approved across most of North America, it was kept off the shelves in B.C......

And the ending can be read here.

I have written about this matter previously here, here, here and here. Take the time to understand this one folks - it really does matter. And, for those that need any ammunition when trying to influence your friends and/or uncles about Recall during the coming holiday season, it is a concrete example of just what Mr. Campbell and his minions are willing to do to British Columbians if it serves the interest of Multinational Corporations.
Oh, and if I was a betting man I would lay my money down on this guy being the writer of that editorial....And I would take very, very short odds......
Update: Here's why unlike, say, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, I am not a betting man.....Sheesh.



Cathie from Canada said...

An appalling decision.
I think Gordon Campbell has a fine future working in the Harper PMO.

RossK said...


This makes Mr Harper's Minioniacal trashing of the evidence supporting Safe Injection Sites look like a Piker's Island Operation by comparison.

In other words, in my most humble opinion, Mr. Campbell and his Gordomaniacal Minions are almost too good (ie. really, really, really bad) to work for even Mr. Harper.