Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where's Rita?



Post D.Watts Pull-Out Update at bottom of post...

Has anyone noticed how all those proMedia lights that were momentarily shining on things that actually matter in this province have been pretty much extinguished* since Mr. Gordon Campbell's (allegedly) focus-group assisted kinda/sorta/almost resignation a couple of weeks ago?

And has anyone else noticed how much space the idea of a leadership run by a civic politician from Surrey is now....errrr.....'was' taking up within the helium-filled vacuum bag that is the current state of public discourse on all that the BC Liberal Party can and will (not ever**) be now that its very own carbon (tax) copy version of Sir Humphrey has been shunted off to the Ministry for Cruise Ships and White Elephant Carcass Conventions?

But here's the thing.....

Didn't they try that once already, back in the halcyon days back when used car dealers sold cars instead of publically-funded independent private power partnerships?



I forgot.

Ms. Johnston refused the make over.


Not that I would ever be so bold as to suggest that our proMedia mavens would go GaGa over hairstyles.

But, then again, there was that thing with the Gucci shoes***.


*With the notable exception of Iain Hunter's column in the VT-C this morning in which he does call on his proMedia colleagues to ignore the metaphorical and/or metaphysical hairstyles that walk, zombie-like, among us and start doing their job for real......
**See the 'idea' of 'incremental' increases to the longtime BC Liberal freeze on wages for the working poor.....
***And the real irony with the shoe thing?....Well, even then the lickspittles gave the boys that sell fancy cars a goodie bag.....
Meanwhile, speaking of things that really matter, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey is currently on the side of Glen Campbell, Four-Legged Snow Angels Wearing Sensible Shoes, and.....Rich Coleman?
Late Sunday Night/Post DWatts Pullout Update: So, what's the downside to Ms Watts pullingout of the race?.... Well, she whose personal decks were cleared by the RailGate postgame show pay-off must, at the very least, be pencilled back into the line-up card.....Potential upside?....If Mr. Marissen's former partner does indeed decide to run, doesn't that mean the (nolongerso)Giant98 will be looking for a new afternoon pre-drivetime host?....Hmmmmm.....Now just who might be a good fit for such a job if it were to suddenly become available?.....



Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Finalist!

RossK said...


Come again?

You've got me there.