Monday, November 22, 2010

When Is A Shadow Toll Not A Toll?


When it is an 'invisible' shadow toll.

And/or so 'complex' that the great unwashed can't possibly understand it.


Mark Hume, writing in the Globe and (nolongerEmpire) Mail, has Laila Yuile's story, here.

Me, I find the following, from one of the Mr. Gordon Campbell's most favoured P3 Snouters-In-Trough, interesting in the extreme:

".....Nicholas Hahn, managing director of Macquarie North America Ltd., admits the phrase may have passed his lips.

Strictly speaking, however, he said it’s not a “shadow toll” but a complex contractual arrangement with the province that uses incentive payments to ensure the highway is maintained at a high standard throughout the 25-year life of the contract....."




cfvua said...

Lots of mindless comments at the Globe and Mail. Seems odd that so many think that lining the pockets of faithful liberal supporters is ok as long as we get a road. I don't mind paying for infrastructure and as a member of the motor carrier industry do our share. Of paying that is. What is the provincial fuel tax for again??
Why would we award an unfixed quantity un-ending contract to anybody?? Maybe because it ensures the perpetuation of the liberal party through unending donations. And we can ensure the work is done by one of those select liberal-friendly contractors who have "the" preferred labour relations method.
Very "shadowy" indeed.
I think that the open tender method with fixed quantities and open public pricing will keep things a little more out of the shadows(sorry) and competition will determine who builds the roads, not who donates the most. But then liberals are only for free enterprise when they can't figure out a way to reward its supporters. Who knows maybe the taxpayer will have larger on the books debt, but enjoy a better bond rating due to no off sheet financing. We have watched many off-sheet is better companies bite the dust lately. Turns out equity is ok.

Leah said...

Just a the Hahn of MacQuarie related to the Hahn of BC Ferries?

North Van's Grumps said...


The "left" Hahn is spelled Hann, Nicholas;
The "right" Hann is spelled correctly

But you asked if they are related, that I can't tell you

Anonymous said...

I see a few of the Macquarie subsidiaries/companies made the list on the leaked Panama papers. Brookfield also.