Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Evidence That The Political Rapture Has Come To Lotusland...

John Les....Bleeding Heart Liberal Superstar!

VICTORIA (JFowlie VSun Nov12/10) --

The time has come to discuss raising B.C.'s minimum wage.

That was the finding of a Liberal dominated finance committee, which in a report Friday recommended the B.C. government: "increase the minimum wage in small increments."

"The discussions around minimum wage need to start," committee chair John Les said in an interview Friday.

I mean, seriously, what's next....

A snap announcement that the acreage in the Fraser Valley Agricultural Land Reserve will be dramatically increased overnight?


Here's the real thing......What's to stop these new found converts to the progressive (or at the very least slightly centrist) cause from dicking around with this one until after the prop-shopped referendum next fall and then suddenly, oh gosh!, changing their minds because it's just not quite the right time to help the working poor when there's a housing bubble bursting and/or a tourist trade going bust because of a quantitatively ease-assisted soaring of the loonie?....After all, it's not like we don't have past performance to go on, right?



Anonymous said...

Seriously, do you really thik all this talk about raising the minimum wage after all this time is not linked to a bigger picture?

Raising the minimum wage will be part of a Labour law overhaul.

Gordon - of Clan Campbell - started his reign in 2001 with a f/u to labour (structural deficits) and now he is setting the stage for a f/u to labour as he leaves: plus he needs to polish his Bilderberg Club credentials.

Expect teacher seniority to be gone and 'merit performance' to be in... along with pages of other neocon nonsense and mischief.

Gary E said...

Ross K you must be in my head. I first thought that then read it again and saw the operative words "discuss raising the minimum wage" Where do they get this "discuss" crap. There is no discussion. Raise the damn minimum to $11.50 per hour and while they are at it scrap the slave wage of $6.00. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Carol and feel she would make an excellent leader but I found this Corky Evans video inspiring:

Evil Eye said...

The rats are chasing their tails on a sinking (some say already sunk) ship.

The "did he or didn't he" resignation of "El Gordo dui mort" has got the minions chirping.

To be seen as good guys, El Gordo's hateful minimum wage has to go. You know the serfs may rebel and install another fearless leader.

BC's wealthy have made their wealth on the backs of the poor, the lame and the helpless and will resist any change.

Until El Gordo really resigns and starts his six figure pension and six figure directorship on the CN Board, nothing will change, except from the ever growing shrill chirping from the Liberal lick spittles.