Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recalling Ms. Chong....How Tough The Challenge?



They who are wielding the machetes over the carcass of Mr. Kurtz'.....errrrr..... Mr. Campbell's gored oxen need 18,000 signatures to trigger a recall of Ida Chong.

Which, given that they have Big Mo' and some 600 canvassers on their side, sounds eminently doable.


Here is a line worth considering before you place your bets, taken directly from the Machete Wielders' Website:

Oak Bay-Gordon Head (OBG)89975731

The second numeral was the magic number of petition signatorees needed to get the recall rollin' for real in Ms. Chong's riding of Oak Bay Gordon('s) Head....And the first numeral was the number signatoree's they say they actually got, which was almost 60% above what was needed.

Which is very impressive indeed.

But it is still only half of what they need now.


Regardless how this thing turns out in the end, you've gotta hand it to the Machete Wielders, because it would appear that they have handed the proMedia Mavens exactly what they want - which is a combination Soap Opera/Daily Sporting Event that will build with each passing day as the numbers start to roll in.

Which, of course, begs the real question....

Will they get to that incredibly heavy Eighteen?

Personally, I have no idea, even though I grew up in that riding.*

However, I do figure that we will know they are getting awfully darned close if Mr. Campbell suddenly appears on our TeeVee screens sometime in late January a hundred pounds overweight, with shaved head, screaming....

"Exterminate the Brutes!"


Of course, that weight gain would be greatly assisted if, perish the thought, Mr. Campbell was to fall off the Diet Coke wagon and start in on the harder stuff, like, say, Jolt Cola......
*One thing I can say for sure though is that if ever there was a riding where little old ladies who wouldn't want to get in trouble for signing something they're not supposed to (and yes, we're looking at YOU, Mr. James) might suddenly turn into refuseniks en masse, it just might might be Oak Bay.



Gary E said...

Hi Ross

You have a very interesting take here, which I have pondered before. What I came up with was that overeating on the public purse after having robbed the people of a great deal of money they can ill afford, I believe, will no doubt help the canvassers in a big way.

Remember the Reitsma recall? His constituents were really pissed at his actions of self promotion. Of course he resigned before he could be fired so it never went on the books as a "successful" recall. They got double what was needed and I believe Ms. Chong will have the same problem.
How can she say she is helping her constituents when she agrees to fleece them then go about blowing their money on lunch in the face of people who now cannot afford lunch.

I guess while I have a minute here I should say I can partially agree with your suspicions about some of the people involved in recall. But as a organizer in my riding I can tell you that, I am not a member of any political party, nor do I intend on joining one. You would be surprised at the cross section of people we have here. I will donate whatever meager funds I have to any party that will support the people who elect them.

On another matter we discussed I will get what I can together and send it to you but probably not until March unless I can get a day free here.

Anonymous said...

I guess she has the defense now of battered wife syndrome to explain all her blind acquiescence to Campbell

Anonymous said...

There is one resource available to recallers that was not available to the folks doing the referendum signatures; a voters' list.

Elections BC provides the most recent voters' list to individuals applying to recall someone.

RossK said...

Great point Anon.