Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh, No!....Don't Listen To Bloggers...They Just Make Stuff Up


A Globe story by Sunny Dhillon published today included this little nugget:

...When news of the (most recent recall) application’s rejection and word-count policy change first broke, an Elections BC spokeswoman said: “Before the application had been submitted, there had been no need for a policy. No recall application in the past had ever come close to the 200-word limit. It hadn't been an issue.”

But Colin Nielsen, lead organizer for the recall campaign against Ms. Chong, said that’s not the case. Mr. Nielsen said an Elections BC report from 1999 details a recall campaign in the riding of Skeena against former MLA Helmut Giesbrecht.

Mr. Nielsen noted the statement, which can be accessed on the Elections BC website, is 194 words, close to the 200-word limit. In fact, if MLA was counted as five words then, the statement would have been declared invalid...


Where have we read that before?

Here's the real thing.....Unlike the oh-so uber-responsible proMedia, you only have to be a halfway decently responsible blogger to give credit where credit is due (despite what fine folks like Vaughn Palmer would like you to believe)....
And the ironic thing is that, because I was being held, almost entirely against my will, in a hermetically-sealed science-geek bunker in OttaWash all day, I missed S. Dhillon's story entirely on a first pass through the tubz' and only came across it because I noticed a massive number of hits that came this way because of a comment left at the Globe site by reader GlennM..... Thanks Glenn!



Alison said...

G&M particularly bad at this. Sometimes if I'm feeling cheeky I send along a corrections note : "Apologies. I mistakenly attributed the following quote ___ to ___ in line __. Just thought you'd like to change it in your copy."

RossK said...




North Van's Grumps said...

Ha! "I missed Ms. Dhillon's story"

Should be "I missed Mr. Dhillon's story"

RossK said...

Whoops....thanks NVG....

See, Bloggers are always getting something wrong.

Will fix.


North Van's Grumps said...

Elections BC has approved a petition to recall Minister of Sciences and Universities Ida Chong. The petition will be issued on Monday, Dec. 6, giving canvassers until Feb. 4, 2011 to collect all necessary signatures.

Vancouver Sun Alert

Anonymous said...

Now that the Health Minister has made it official, that he's in the running for the Leadership of the BC Liberals, I guess this means that Kevin Falcon, George Abbot and Moira Stilwell are no longer honourable people.

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

Post coming....