Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And So The Endgame Begins.


From Michael Shear et al., in the NYT:

A prominent anti-vaccine crusader said on Tuesday that President-elect Donald J. Trump had asked him to lead a new government commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity — a possibility that spread alarm among medical experts that Mr. Trump could be giving credence to debunked conspiracy theories about the dangers of immunizations...


Now, instead of lone crazy-induced outwardly rippling outbreaks in the Valley or at Disneyland it could be entire swaths of Red States backed with trojan horses emerging from New Agey elitist enclaves in the coastal Blues.

It's almost like we're watching a self-induced Zombie Apocalypse play out for real, in realish-type time while Mr. Obama invites the Chicago Cubs to the White House as if nothing untoward is going down.

And if Dr. Salk flew in today, would Mr. Trump decide, through surrogates, to deny him funding anyway?

Meanwhile, closer to home, the Dean almost keeps up with Laila's shocking discovery that there is Swift Boating going on (again) in Lotusland...Say Anything, indeed.



Anonymous said...


'Third party options' is code for split the vote. End of story. The BC Greens cannot win the Interior. Jesus, himself, couldn't win in most Interior ridings. Being 'holy', leaves you on your knees. You are either helping the NDP, the only viable opposition to Cronyville, or you are not.

The BC Liberals haven't even sharpened their knives to do the REAL carving into the flesh of BC, Trump-style. Damning with the NDP with faint praise and pointing out their warts, at the 11th hour, while a foul and festering, pus-filled abscess is sickening everything in its midst, creates its own stench.

Who is working for Weaver, and to what end?

RossK said...



And on the other side of the ledger, who, exactly killed off the not-so-big crony-splitting machine (again)?


e.a.f. said...

Its going to be interesting when epidemics start in the U.S.A and thousands of kids die. IT MIGHT be a good idea if Canada and Mexico did build walls, to keep out infected Americans.

Now we definitely know Trump is bat shit crazy. Wonder if his little precious is vaccinated. Most likely thinks vaccinations are costing the government too much.

When people elect bad governments they have to live with it or die because of it in some cases. Just feel sorry for the children who will suffer the most and didn't get a chance to vote.

e.a.f. said...

The vaccine issue may play to some of his base, but after watching Stephen Corbett last night, I wonder how all those jokes about Trump and "golden showers" are going to play.

The U.S.A. is in for some very difficult times.

The hearings for Sessions might prove to be more than some anticipated. Legal Schnauzzer is reporting on Sessions being a "closet gay". Running on a family values ticket in Alabama doesn't quite work so well now. Is this perhaps why Trump nominated him? He is black mailable. Of course it may be that Trump is now black mailable also........

rob said...

I am old enough to remember the tuberculosis vehicles that would come to the neighborhood and do free testing. I am old enough to remember seeing people crippled by polio. Chicken pox and measles were killers. Anti vaccine people have grown up in a world where these diseases are non issues at this point in time. They either do not understand or refuse to believe history before vaccines were discovered, and they do not understand the huge leap it was for our well being as a species. Unfortunately people will have to suffer and possibly die for anti vaccine people to see the errors of their idiotic ideas and opinions. It always seems so ludicrous that these people think they are smarter than the scientists and researchers who work on our behalf to solve medical issues of the day. I am sure they would line up for an anti cancer vaccine if it were available, morons every one of them.

e.a.f. said...

I too remember what it was like without polio vaccines. It wasn't pretty and it was scary.

Some people are so ideologically driven they don't care about the repercussions. We see it in B.C. and we're seeing it with Trump. Trump wants all Obama appointees gone at the time he becomes President.,

According to the blog, Lawyers, Guns, and Money that includes the General of the Washington D.C national guard who is in charge of all the security on Inaguration Day. He leaves his post at 12:01. Wonder who takes over? perhaps some one from Putin's gang? Some are suggesting Trump wants the General gone because he wont' go all "Kent State" on protestors. Who knows perhaps Trump wants to send a real message at his inauguration. Protest and I'll have you shoot.

Oh, well at least Stephen Corbett has enough material for years to come.

Anonymous said...

RossK said...

rob and e.a.f.--

A good friend and I were both, as Sting once wailed, 'born in the '50's'.

I was lucky enough to have been born at the tail end of that decade. My friend was born at the front end. He contracted a very mild case of polio as a small child. Now that he's in his mid-sixties it is getting more and more difficult for him to walk.

And don't get me started on a much more recent anti-viral vaccine and what it protects against (it's more than you might think).


Anonymous said...


I wonder if the anti-vaxxers deny their pets vaccine protection?

...Do they give up cross-border travel with their pets, or do they 'callously' have them vaccinated so they are in compliance?

I suspect the anti-vaxx people have their pets vaccinated because they care for them…not out of expediency.

RossK…I think you have referred to pretzel logic, have you not?

Anti-establishmentarianism is ascending to its highest level of irrationality...

Lenin's Ghost said...

Some of the reasons that the antivax ideas are taking hold have to do with the mistrust of scientists and doctors for various reasons. If you aren't familiar with these reasons, you should be.

Anonymous said...