Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Flaw In The Victoria Times Colonist's Chalke/Comey Comparison.


First, let me say that I agree with the final conclusion in the VTC's recent editorial about what British Columbia ombudsperson Jay Chalke should actually do re: the Health Researchers firing matter:

...Realistically, he (Chalke) cannot postpone his report until after the (BC election) campaign is over (in May). He is already committed to an earlier finish point.

His best option is to report out well ahead of his self-imposed deadline. If he releases his findings by, say, the middle of February, he’s likely on safe ground...

However, the suggestion the VTC draws about Chalke potentially facing the same 'difficult' decision as American FBI director James Comey if he releases his report too close to the election does not, in my opinion, hold water.


Well, first and foremost, Chalke's investigation was mandated by a legislative committee. It will not come out of nowhere and be a 'surprise' if he finally finishes it in April.

Second, by long standing convention Comey was not supposed to drop any type of law enforcement conjecture into the US campaign anytime during the 60 days before the election. There is no direct comparison here.

Third, and this is damning of Comey  he also had the 'dossier' in hand and had other investigations into Trump hands ties to Putin before the election. And yet, which 'investigation' did he tell the world about less than a week before USians went to the polls.

But never mind all that because, personally, I don't give a hoot-in-heckfire about any discomfiture the good Mr. Chalke might have about when he releases his report.

After all, it was the government of Ms. Christy Clark that put this timeline (and the extra 3.8 million document dumpage) in play from the very beginning.



Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

That story was a piece of fluff, like the stuff you wipe off your laundry dryer screen. Who cares if his report will damage the BC Liberals? Aren't we (voters) supposed to be as well informed as possible prior to entering the booth.

By rushing to publish this report you are risking the integrity of the investigation which I think is already questionable as a bureaucrat with no investigative experience in these matters is running the show. Sounds suspiciously like a BC Liberal spinster was the author. Perhaps they really need more time to wind up the "wurlitzer" on this one?

Andrew MacLeod recently reported that prospective witnesses identified by Chalke are being instructed to report to their supervisors to discuss what evidence they are going to provide, under the guise of informing them of an employee support network. It's called witness tampering anywhere outside the legislative buildings.

At the very least, a preliminary, but comprehensive, report should be published by March 31st.

Lew said...

The Office of the Ombudsperson is now subject to musings by the media about political maneuvering. How nice.

It’s just the latest of our supposedly independent public offices to be tainted (perhaps forever) by the BC Liberals. Their despicable actions have sullied The Public Service Agency, the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, and the Office of the Auditor General to a fare-thee-well.

Some day the BC Liberals will be turfed from office (although one wonders how many straws it will finally take to break the back of what’s proven to be a very strong camel), and those previously independent offices will then require a sustained resurrection effort to regain the public’s trust.

A fulsome, unassailable, and timely report by the current Ombudsperson would no doubt hasten both the turfing and the resurrecting.

Chuckstraight said...

If this damages the BC Liberals- it is no fault but theirs.

Christy ain`t no Hillary.

The truth is the important thing.

RossK said...


Ya, after all, there are no Emails.

Only post-it notes.


Anonymous said...

The media and politicians have spent so much time with each other that they lost touch with regular (little?) people.?golf tourney anyone?

Hugh said...

What the NY Times is saying about BC:

Anonymous said...

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