Sunday, January 01, 2017

There's A New Media(ish) Service In Town...


Bob Mackin unveiled a new website today called 'the Breaker'.

It is BC-centric and it has been built to, according to Mr. Mackin, do the following:

...It is a vehicle to stop secrecy, unravel the spin and enable citizens to better scrutinize those who hold power and influence on the west coast of Canada and beyond...

Which is pretty hard to argue with if you are someone who has been paying attention to how the puffed-up proMedia punditry 'round here dealt with the dybbling of winning quick, the post-it noting of the cool boss, the de-railing of conflictyness, the cuckholding of BCUC, the grocery billing of a massive deficit, the supreming of school teachers and scores more stories of Clarklandian malfeasance, obfuscation and/or outright media manipulation that actually matter to British Columbians.


Here's one small item from one of Mr. Mackin's first pieces:

...It was a classic case of campaigning from the left in 2015 and governing from the right in 2016.

The Trudeau Liberals gave thumbs up to Woodfibre LNG, Petronas Pacific NorthWest LNG, Kinder Morgan and Energy East. Who knows when or if they’ll get built, but it sends a message to the environmentalists who voted for the Grits to beat the Harper Conservatives that the economy takes precedence over the environment...


Me thinks progressive folks with an environmentalist bent here in Lotusland should think hard about what they wish for in May 2017 from a slightly different perspective.

And this time I'm not thinking about a carbon tax-type wedge issue like the one that Gordon Campbell drove deep into the heart of hardcore environmentalists that helped keep us from electing the best premier we never had in this province in 2009.

Instead, I'm talking about the very real possibility that vote splitting sent the way of those fine folks running with the good Mr. Weaver could elect the Clarklandians to do their cronies's bidding for another four years.

Which is something we'll have much, much more to say about on a riding-specific level in the weeks to come.




North Van's Grumps said...

Happy New Year

Check out Christy's source for First Buyers mortgage helper with your homes increased with obscene property assessment's based on July 2016

e.a.f. said...

Time to go check out the new blog. Should make for good reading. the truth and facts are always so much more entertaining than anything on t.v.

thank you for letting us know.


Anonymous said...

Don't split the vote

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Reid, RossK, Makin, in no special order, are lacking that BC Order thing...

This fresh news, has bucked me up, no end.

Pointing at sacred cows, poops me out.

Anonymous said...

how about lie free bc

how about ad free bc

how about delete free bc

how about shred free bc

Anonymous said...

2017 BC will be the defend democracy election.

Anonymous said...

And or the cognitive dissonance election pre election promises vs post election relatity and deferred negative announcements.?

RossK said...


"Deferred negative announcements".

Now there's a strategy the wizards can get behind behind their curtain of post-it notes.


davemj said...

The people have been set adrift by their employees a gang of maleficent depraved greed driven individuals no heart no conscience.But the fog is lifting it does not matter what spin they put out too late Clark too late.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the fog is lifting. Just visited the new blog. Great job! Along with Norm Farrell and others, the "truth" is finally being revealed. We need more of this alternative to the propaganda machine known as the MSM.
Defend bet. From the obvious corruption and malfeasance of the BC Liberals and their imposed kleptocracy.

Anonymous said...

NDP election -ruthless ads that tell the truth
being nice a from of lying?

Hugh said...

Kind of off-topic:

BC Hydro record demand due to cold:

Ah, but BC Hydro owns natural gas-powered Burrard Thermal as back up.

Except the BC Clean Energy Act says BT is to be used in emergencies only.

Part 2, Sec 13:

Anonymous said...

In BC manufacturing consent pays the rent.Whatever it takes to win 2017?
Deny delete shred repeat again.?

Anonymous said...

Can you please add Mr. Mackin's site to the BlogCrawl. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but has anyone noticed the completely misleading headline for the Canadian Press article (in both the Times Colonist and the Vancouver Sun) regarding the change in the threshold for the homeowner grant?

The article is titled "B.C. ups homeowner grant by a third as property assessment values skyrocket". However, the only thing changing is the threshold - not the grant itself. It remains at $570.

This is pretty poor reporting, and I'm sure the BC Liberals aren't in any rush to correct this inaccuracy.

Anonymous said...

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true."