Friday, January 20, 2017

The Griftwood Chronicles, Vol 3....Six Times.


BC Dipper leader John Horgan has called for legislation that will end Griftiness in BC for the sixth time.


When the Club member-penned stories begin (again) about how this is nothing but talk because of the no good, awful, evil Dipper ties to labour, just remember what Rachel Notley did immediately after her gang was elected east of the Rockies:

The flagship first bill of Alberta’s new NDP government that bans corporate and union donations to political parties has passed in the legislature...

And also understand that when it comes to donations from actual average British Columbians that don't have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to grease their own personal griftiness wheels, the BCNDP bangs the BCLiberal gong every single time


Previously on the Griftwood Chronicles...
Meanwhile, if you want to read about Ms. Clark's biggest grift of all, go read Norm Farrell immediately...



Anonymous said...

type in and see what shows up.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to BC- Of charter schools subsidized by public money and premier charter flights also.

Anonymous said...

Bribery, political corruption and political malfeasance are the catch phrases for the BC Liberal party.
We have a conflict commissioner who is in conflict because of a family connection to the government. The RCMP are in a potential conflict of interest, due to a contractual relationship with the government.
Political donations of dubious intent and potential illegality are at an all time high. The New York Times, article and its author have essentially "called out" the BC Liberal party and its operatives on what amounts to graft, bribery and corruption. In any other country, this is grounds for, a criminal investigation, and possible criminal charges. As he states, in Canada, other provinces considered this prohibited and of questionable intent.

One truly has to wonder how we have gotten to this point. Malfeasance and corruption in governance is a creeping cancer upon our society, and is getting worse. Sociopathic groups, posing as political party's or as democratically elected governments, are manipulating our institutions for their own gain,
and along with that, taxpayer resources and public assets, to use for their own partisan purposes.

"Economic terrorism" is defined as manipulation of an economy by by a group "for its own ends"

If CSIS, is truly an intelligance service, protecting Canadians from illegal "terrorist" acts, why is the BC Liberal party not under investigation?
Why is a senior level of governance not investigating the abuse and manipulation of taxpayer funds and assets, by what can only be described as white collar organized crime?

The use of political donations, salary top ups or "stipends" for political operatives "is" graft and a form of bribery.
Why has this not been investigated for the "crime" that it is.

Chuckstraight said...

"Why has this not been investigated for the "crime" that it is."

Good point. Likely because the Fox is in charge of any investigation of the chickens?

Up in Kelowna for example, last year the laundry in the hospital was privatized. The lucky recipient of the work was guess who?- A BC Liberal party donor. Nothing was done in regards to the local MLAs speaking out against this, and they won`t.

RossK ran an article about it. Journalists did nothing.

We have essentially a criminal organization for gov`t. That is my view.

Anonymous said...

One wonders why?

This morning's Penticton Western News came wrapped in 4 (FOUR) pages of Dan Ashton telling the poor plebes how lucky they are to have him holding steady on the reins of the provinces finances - strangely silent on driving Penticton into a $177 million infrastructure deficit though.

How much did we pay for that Dan?

While I applaud the Alberta NDP for their fundraising finance reform: I would like to see EVERY piece of government advertising display the campaign cost along with whatever muddle their peddling.

istvan said...

Ron the obvious seems to have changed his tune. G/M today.

Anonymous said...

So Christy is no longer taking the $50,000.00 stipend, instead the party will reimburse her expenses....Wow

Anonymous said...

So no stipend now eh....crank up the heat on these clowns. Where's the other supposed $317000? And while your at it, what about Gordo's ...Bribery or the perception of it, is the same today as it was over the past 15 years.

Question the legality if this and other issues, like BC Rail, site C, IPP over payments, healthcare firings, giving corporations tax cuts while gouging the average folks in BC with increases in healthcare, ICBC rates, hydro increases,
and other service fees. Even a conflict commissioner who is himself in a conflict, ruling in favor of questionable ethical behavior of the BC Liberals...

The list is enterprise this is not...its organized crime!

Wake up folks, get these clowns out of office and behind bars....

RossK said...

The stipend is the least of this.



Ron's Obviousness is obliviousness.

Report to follow...


Anonymous said...

But I'm still taking jets and helicopters and using taxpayer dollars for ads?
We Allsay things to get elected?

e.a.f. said...

Read it, got a head ache and depressed. So entertaining the B.C. press just doesn't print much about it. Had to laugh, while this New York TImes article was making the news CTV decided to announce they were going to do an "investigative" piece on babies living in prison with their Mothers, guess they thought it was more important to rake up Kelly Elliard than Christy Clark. its true Ellard killed a young woman, but Christy, is responsible in my opinion, for so many more deaths and will continue to be by her craven disregard for the lives of children, the disabled, the sick, the poor, well perhaps everyone in B.C. except those who attend her "soirees" at a min. of $10 a head. CTV wants to "re-focus" the public's attention to something which happened almost 20 years ago. they tend to want to ignore what is going on right now. they don't even have to investigate. All they have to do is go to a few blogs and get the information. the MSM is complicit, in my opinion, in all of these crimes against the province and its people.

Anonymous said...

The whole scam depends on dumbing an audience down so far that they're willing to pay to be swindled over and over and over again.

Mission accomplished.

low information voter?

Chuckstraight said...

A posh Liberal fundraising event in West Kelowna tonight will draw 20 people, all willing to fork over $5,000 for private access to Premier Christy Clark.

It's unclear who is on the dinner guest list and what topics will be discussed.

Cash raised from the event at Mission Hill winery will go into Liberal Party coffers.

A letter sent to party supporters, obtained by CTV Vancouver, also promotes a second fundraising event on Friday at Big White. For $2,500, attendees will have access to cabinet ministers, MLAs and Clark. All funds will go to the re-election campaign for Liberal Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson.

"Christy Clark has lined her party's coffers with out-of-province, out-of-country donations. Limitless. No rules," Rob Fleming told CTV Vancouver.

BC Liberals say the NDP also accepts donations from out of province.

In a recent unscientific poll on Castanet, more than 3,000 of the 5,200 respondents said they believed the $5,000-a-plate event is unethical. Meanwhile, 1,225 people said “that’s politics.” Nearly 500 said it’s fine.