Tuesday, January 17, 2017

proMedia Embarrasses Self Over Premier's Graftiness Scandal.


As we noted yesterday, it is not just the BC Liberal government and our fine premier who should be embarrassed by their collective graftiness.

In addition, the local proMedia should be hanging their collective heads in shame for essentially ignoring the story for months if not years.

And now, the following lede from a Global online story by Sean Boynton, demonstrates this in spades:

As the dust settles following Friday’s publication of the New York Times‘ expose of Christy Clark’s annual, political donation-supplied $50,000 stipend, most can agree: this is not a good look for B.C...

Looks, indeed.


And, for the record, the header above Mr. Boynton's piece was: 'It's embarrassing: Experts, politicians weigh in on New York Times article exposing B.C. political cash.'....'Expose', indeed, also...Double sheesh.



Anonymous said...

Organized Crime? ..If it walks and looks like a duck...maybe....
Graft "used" to be a serious corruption issue. How far does this issue have to go before the perception becomes more than obvious?
Governance is about people..."all the people", not who can pay the most for the enabling of a seat at a table, most people cannot even begin to afford.
Participation of all British Columbians in this "democracy" is not what the BC liberals are about...period. This is not good governance. The optics are extremely questionable...especially when a foreign news agency of high credentials, calls out an obvious problem in a serving government or issue in governance, that the local news establishments won't even cover or question.
Where are the laws and regulatory requirements to prevent this political abuse? This countries lax corruption laws and manipulative politicians, have made our so called democracy...a sham.

Corruption or a form of it, is at work here no matter what these so called political experts or the corporate donors say...

Time to wake up people. Remove this scum from your midst...as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

This should be a huge story, and election issue. I read the Global article, and have to agree- it isn`t exactly hard hitting. Can`t be, I suspect, as Global is a source of candidates , and haven`t looked it up- but does Global donate in some way?

As I have said before- I want democracy back in BC.
Not the Bullshite that has been going on for years.

Keith E. said...

Editorial from 17th Jan. 2017 Times colonist on just this subject.


Additional commentary from Les Leyne.


Whilst both are essential reading, typically and as usual, not much has been written or said by the lame stream media until the sleaze becomes so blatantly obvious to outside ears and eyes it can’t be ignored

Len said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Big Buisness plus Government plus RCMP,and I'll add this time Corporate media equals ORGANISED CRIME....period

RossK said...

And then there are Darth Vader's 'comments' on the NYT piece.

Deconstruction to follow...


Lew said...

Anon @ 7:22:

Shaw Communications, which owned Global, has been a regular financial contributor to the BC Liberals. Over $110,000 through to November of 2015, but nothing for 2016, after Shaw sold the Global network to Corus Entertainment. Nothing listed from Corus.

Looks like their contributions now consist of lukewarm bodies that used to be on air. The ones that are left perform as though they’re auditioning for the jump.

RossK said...

And this matter of proMedia organizations giving big money to the party of Clarkbekistan is most definitely not...



RossK said...


Bill Tieleman patent pending.


Anonymous said...

Buck buck buck?

Eleanor Gregory said...

interesting that the dippers have brought forward private members' bills to end union and corporate donations and the BCL have not put those bills to a vote

RossK said...


And, perhaps, even more interesting how rarely that fact is reported, straight-up, in the local proMedia.