Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Griftwood Chronicles...Ron Doubles Down On The Obviousness Of Griftiness Coverage In Clarkbekistan.


Following up on his earlier tweet, Mr. Mason of the Globe and Mail has written about a column about the 'reaction' to Dan Levin's NYTimes piece on the systemic pay-to-play behaviour of the BC Liberal government.

The following two bits are taken directly from the lede and the kicker from that column:

...The New York Times is the latest to take note of the campaign finance free-for-all taking place in the province, publishing a story on the weekend that marvelled at the fact Premier Christy Clark draws a salary from the fundraising dollars she collects, which, of course, is on top of the one she receives as the head of government...


...When I asked a prominent Liberal backroomer on Monday what the reaction was to the Times piece, he said: “People in the party just laughed. They know that no one in this province cares about fundraising. So it’s a non-issue.”

And what else would we who have been paying attention expect someone behind the money-laden currtain surrounding Clarbekistan* to say?

However, as you might expect, there is just a wee bit more obviousness inside Mr. Mason's piece:

...The Times piece, based mostly on reporting that has been done by other media organizations in B.C. over the past year, noted just how unusual Ms. Clark’s compensation package is...


The NYTimes piece was just recycling other stuff the local proMedia already knows?

And yet, despite this, the local proMedia is not screaming bloody murder about the details of the BC Liberals'  well known deeds and actions regarding numerous pay-to-play cases that Mr. Levin also laid out in his piece.


Could the local proMedia folks' inattention to detail, detail that really matters to what is really and truly going around here, possibly be contributing to the lack of public outrage that Mr. Mason comments on thusly?

...Why would any party give up a huge electoral advantage like the one the Liberals in B.C. have when people don’t care about it anyway?...

And could the local proMedia's inattention to detail also be a contributing factor in why a 'prominent Liberal backroomer' feels that 'people in the party' have concluded that British Columbians also don't care?

Don't know about you, but the answers to the questions above seem pretty obvious (in a Chichester Cathedral kind of way), to me.

If you get my drift.

*Bill Tieleman, patent pending.



Anonymous said...

Poor old Gary Mason..... seems a bit upset that the other guy who wasn't afraid to tell it as it is and received more local reaction for the same soft hitting piece he and other Liberal supporter media reps did for the same piece ( did the NY Times steal his piece ? Hey Gary sue them for plagiarism )
Well Gary now you know that it's just mot we BCer's that are tired of your white glove reporting on the BC Liberals.
What's next Gary ??? Crying the blues because the bloggers are allowing taxpayers to speak their mind on the useless media it has to deal with.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Unusual? Its called "Graft", in any other country in the world. Where and who are responsible for overseeing "responsible, legal governance" in this country. This situation is becoming "intolerable" to most people in this province.
So, we the people, " don't care about "graft, illegality, being ripped off by you kleptocrats," and told we don't know what's good for us?
This crap happens in the third world, or so we thought....

These people need a severe reality check, and a corruption enquiry to go along with it.

Hmm, third world enquiry.standards..testify or jail, seizure of "all" assets under an extremely beefed up proceeds of crime legislation, minimum 10 year sentences for corruption, investigation by an outside police agency...orders in council used to order investigations of IPP's, Site C, BC Rail and other "questionable projects or scandals, forensic audits of all government departments.....

Great start...feel free to add more.

These people it would appear..."think" they have already won the election because no one else cares...

I suggest, that the people in this province prove these clowns "totally wrong" and when the enquiry is called make sure hundreds if not thousands make an appearance at the will be quite a show...

Pass the popcorn please!

Anonymous said...

SH @RossK

Hope your piece comes up in the NY Times google alert.

Chichester reference Freudian? As in we're being….

Anonymous said...

re: Anonymous said..From one banana republic to another: BC Liberal Reid on South America junket
by Bob Mackin,

Wasn't Linda Reid on another African trip with her husband... paid for by taxpayers until it became public.
Does Linda Reid like collecting African souvenirs and artifacts.
What benefit is such a trip to BC taxpayers.
Give me a break !!!!

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

SH @ anon 12:23:

re 'Should B.C. raise smoking age to 21, asks health minister'. CBC:

@Phil Davies

Gerry Manley

I don't think there are any good intentions here. They will get to hire some more of their friends as consultants while not really doing anything. They are looking for things to claim they are a great government while keeping all the tax dollars for themselves and their friends. Expect another propaganda ad blitz around this. Government campaigning on taxpayer dollars.
cbc bc

G West ,Victoria said...

Just in case you missed it, the NYTimes reporter, Dan Levin, was interviewed by David Ball in Vancouver Metro, here:

Levin has been doing some really good work on BC issues. Here's another one you may have missed Ross:

Funny how the locals, Ron and the gang, never seem to manage the same level of interest in BC issues...

RossK said...


Not Freudian.

Unless you reckon the Pythons had a whiff of the Sigmund in their best...