Thursday, February 02, 2023

OMG, Revisited...You Keep Using That Number.


Yesterday, we noted that the Overstory Media Group (OMG), which is run by two fine fellows named Farhan Mohamed and Andrew Wilkinson, fired the reporting and editorial core of their flagship outlet, the Capital Daily (Victoria), earlier this week.

In that post we also wondered about the timing of the firings given that they occurred the day before it was announced that the majority of OMG employees had decided to unionize.

Well, now, writing in Ricochet, Ethan Cox notes that:

...OMG sources confirmed to Ricochet that three of the four fired employees were lead organizers with the union effort...


Earlier today, on the Twittmachine,  Mr. Mohamed wrote that he knew nothing of the unionization drive while Mr. Wilkinson indicated that he had known about the drive for months but denied that the firings had anything to do with it whatsoever:

Which, of course, is an interesting contradiction in and of itself from the two fine fellows running the company.

As for the future of Capital Daily, Mr. Wilkinson keeps saying, including to at least one irate subscriber, that everything is going to be just fine because five of nine employees are still working for the outlet:

Except, according to one of the employees that is still there, that is not the case from a daily operations point of view:

Stay tuned...

And while independent media are now starting to pay attention to the story we still note the absence of corpMedia coverage...
As for the subheader and image at the top of the post... We are in no way implying that either principal at OMG bears any resemblance whatsoever to either Montoya or Vezzini...However, we really do wonder if 'five' means what Mr. Wilkinson says it means...



NVG said...

Just to clarify, Farhan Mohamed and Andrew Wilkinson (not the former Leader of the BC Liberal Party) Y/N

RossK said...

Good point NVG--

This story is most definitely about the Tech Bro version of the A Wilkinson moniker.