Monday, February 06, 2023

Will There Soon Be A Run On DVD Players?


Believe it or not, I try my best to not always be the curmudgeonly old guy with the youths.

However, given my day job, that can be pretty hard sometimes. As in, 'When I was a gradual student we made our own media from scratch!' (or, at the very least, from powder).


This past holiday season I was only half-joking when I mentioned to our grown-up kids, nieces, nephews and their various and assorted sundry significant others that I just might be buying them DVD players for Christmas next year.

What was my reasoning?

Well, as the streaming services fragment so that you now need at least half-a-dozen subscriptions, or more (especially if you want event programming, like sports), the costs for those without cable cords are going to get so exorbitant that I reckon the kids will soon be scouring bargain bins for entire DVD seasons of 'Friends' or 'The Office' so that they can get their post-syndication apocalypse fix at a reasonable price.

And now, well, there is the following, which is likely to ratchet up the cost of plugging into a screaming service for all kinds of kinda/sorta still at home, but actually/really pretty much moved out,  twenty-somethings:

After months of warning subscribers that anti-password sharing measures were coming to Netflix, the company appears to be finally set to unleash them.

Netflix has estimated that over 100 million users worldwide are using the service through the login credentials of someone else. It hopes that by putting an end to account sharing, it will bring a new infusion of revenue to the company...


I wonder if the player in our basement even works anymore?

Only the olds, especially those with a penchant for half-time highlights and/or dandies on a Monday Night, will connect the image and sub-header to this one...



zoombats said...

It's going to cause them a lot more problems than they are prepared for. The quality of their program is so pathetic that I for one would drop them in a New York minute. I know my kids who have used our account for years certainly won't subscribe. I even wonder if there is something better but I doubt it. I long for the days of Elwey Yost and Saturday night at the movies on TV Ontario. I still have two DVD players. Both Sonys but one was purchased in Hong Kong so I can view anything that was purchased outside the US or Canada

RossK said...


Good strategy with the second the overseas player...It's like a physical VPN!

I think you're right about the young and what they will do re: NOT subscribing on their own.

Personally, I don't even get the distinction...Essentially what you are doing is buying a bundle for a set number of subscribers when you pay more for the group/household account.

And what are they going to do when a bunch of olds like you and I downgrade to personal accounts?...Heckfire, I'm all set to do that with 'audio' streamers as well.


e said...

Netflix came out with a statement this weekend saying that password thing was a mistake! Not sure if it was actually a mistake or if they were just back peddling when people got upset.

Either way, I still agree about the DVD comeback/anti streaming services movement.

- littler e

RossK said...

Thanks e--

Will check...


Trailblazer said...

The quality of Netflix programmes is so bad it should be free!
We share our son in laws subscription ; if we are asked to pay extra then it goes.
Wont miss it.


RossK said...

I hear you TB.