Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Changes In Van City...

Our Top Five...

1) West End Bob elects Adriane Carr in the 135th poll (of 135).
2) COPE may be dead.
2a) Ghost of Harry Rankin already planning David Cadman's resurrection on Monday at 9am.
3) NSV took a whole lotta council votes from somebody (waiting for splits).
4) Sandy G. beat K. Potvin for biggest independent number in recent memory.
5) Spam-A-Lot rumoured to have already hired brand new pundit.... Ms. (usedtobe)Always Campaigning.

Real story....Every single Vision candidate wins...Big tent is still way, way up.
Oh, and for the record...Vancouver still does not have a 905 belt.



West End Bob said...

Ha! Thanks for the credit, re: Ms. Carr, but thanks to stevie's slow-as-molasses CIC dept., I'm still about a year away from being able to cast a vote here in Lotusland, RossK.

I was rather disappointed to see the COPE team get chucked over to be replaced by NoParticularAffinity group, tho. At least the neoCon blogger, aka, The Goodship Watercarrier's go-to man from the right - mr. klassen - was unsuccessful in his Council bid. Too bad he'll be all over the radio and TV waves again starting today, no doubt . . . .

RossK said...


Ya, well, I figure you probably influenced lots of your friends and neighbours.

As for Spam-A-Lot....I reckon that Sammy's ol' War Chest (and/or the little little bag of gold that the Spamaloteers received as a going away present) must be just about empty, so....


Norm Farrell said...
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