Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes A Sign Is Just A Sign....And Sometimes It Is A Whole Lot More


The image above, taken on Cambie just south of 29th Avenue today, Sunday Nov 13th, is most interesting on a whole lotta levels.

Please note that the fine developer-type fellow whose name is on the left side of the real estate sign was once a longtime NPA Parks Board member.

But then he had a spat with the Leader and/or the chief Lieutenants of Spam-A-Lot a few years ago.

Which ultimately led the Parks Board/Developer guy to try and take over the big tent that Senator Larry built when he ran for Vision's mayoral nomination that his Gregorness ultimately won in 2008.

Back then, the Developer's daughter, who is pictured on the other sign in the image above, also flirted with the Visionistas according to the archives that never stop giving from PublicEye.

But then, in the end, the Developer's daughter saw the light and stopped running with the socialist devils and instead returned to Red Peter's fold just in the nick of time.


So what, you might be asking?

Well, here's the real thing....

Those two signs in the image above are staked out on the lawn of a property in the Cambie corridor where the house appears to be uninhabited.

Which, sadly, is not that surprising, I suppose, given that it sits on one of seven continguous properties that the Developer guy and Associates are now attempting to flip for, get this.....

Which suggests, at least in this case, that these fine folks do not appear to be working for either the 99% OR the 1% that walk and/or drive their German SUV's amongst us.

Instead, it would appear that it is the elusive 0.001% that are top of mind, not to mention wallet, for them.



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