Friday, November 18, 2011

My Morning Ride.

That is all.



Rusty M said...

Where is that?
You still peddle to work each day?

RossK said...

PacSpirit/EndowmentLands - PowerlineTrail...

Most days I cheat...Drop of kids (whoops, 'kid' now) at school out 16th and then ride the rest of the way in.


North Van's Grumps said...

That should narrow my search of some particular trees in Vancouver to your block.....

RossK said...


Nah....That's a long way from home...We tried to make a go of it out there with friends, and co-workers, and equity, and co-ops, and all that.

And we got pretty far, which is why I know so much about the mechanics regarding how the park will soon be dismembered....But, in the end, after we managed to convince everyone in the community (including the folks in the mansion across the Blvd, the City and the Province) to rezone a little chunk of land for 42 families, few of whom were well-off, the greedheads swooped in, stole (ie. outbid us for) the land, built the condos, and started flipping out the 'affordable' stock a year or so later.

As a result, we surrendered and moved out to the Near Eastern Townships.

Crazy thing is that, on a project that we had initially raised 11 million for, we probably lost the whole thing because we weren't willing to go the extra million more because that would have shut some of those families mentioned above based purely on affordability.

Looking back on it now, I dunno (although, I'm not entirely convinced we wouldn't have lost the land even if we'd bid twice the greedhead price because, well, if folks find out they can do this stuff themselves without paying the greedhead mark-up, who knows what would happen....).

Rant off...sorry.