Friday, November 18, 2011

RailGate Relapsing...A Cancer On The Entire Government?


Now here's something interesting....

It turns out that David Basi and Robert Virk were not the only ones who had RailGate Trial indemnification deals in place.

Vaughn Palmer had the story in yesterday's VSun:

"...The government also committed to paying the legal costs of four potential witnesses in the BC Rail case, including one unnamed former cabinet minister and one unnamed senior public servant..."


Here's the real thing.

Were any of those agreements made without the input of the Attorney General?

Why do I ask?

Well, as we've already discussed, and as Mr. Palmer also made clear today, there were times when the whole process was short-circuited by....

You got it.

"...On other occasions, involving elected officials, Doyle discovered that the attorney-general's ministry was cut out of the process as well. Instead special indemnities were granted on the say-so of the minister of finance, meaning he or she agreed taxpayers should pick up the tab on behalf of a colleague..."

Or, perhaps, a 'former' colleague?


While it just may be coincidence, one such former colleague who had most excellent legal representation during the run-up to the trial was the former, former finance minister, Mr. Gary Collins. Here's an illustration of that fact as reported by Mark Hume in The Globe way, way back in 2007:

"... Speaking through his lawyer, Clark Roberts, Mr. Collins said if the police did tape his meeting with OmniTRAX Inc., a company that failed in a bid for BC Rail, it should be made public because it will only prove that he did nothing wrong while handling the $1-billion sale of the state-owned rail line.

"If there is any surveillance, Mr. Collins says it should be disclosed because it will completely reveal that he wasn't involved [in any wrongdoing]," Mr. Roberts said.

Funny how neither Mr. Collins nor the good Mr. Roberts has called for a release of those 'tapes' since the trial suddenly ended a little over a year ago, eh?



Grant G said...

Mr. Palmer is vague, he doesn`t name names, he mentions 4 people including one unnamed former cabinet minister, Vaughn doesn`t say what case the indemnity was applied against..

I do know as A PROVABLE FACT..

Christy Clark had her legal fees paid for on the BC RAIL Corruption case, she was questioned and was `prepared`for trial..

Christy Clark`s legal fees were in the $1000`s of dollars range, not $millions but $thousands!

Christy Clark said as much(ON AIR)..On more than one occasion.


As for the othersÉ

Gary E said...

Glad you picked up on this RossK. I haven't read Palmer since his blatant pimping of the Campbell Regime. More and more lately I see (through the blogosphere)what appears to be an attempt by Palmer to redeem himself with the public. Or could it be an attempt to bolster the "old boys club" apparent attempt to discredit Clark as much as they can to get one of their own back in as leader? Funny how it seems to be unraveling lately.

RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

You have the details?

It would be interesting if one former Minister had a 'public' deal and another had something a little more 'private' help don't you reckon.


Wouldn't it be bizarre if somebody lawyered-up with a P3?



Tough call...

Thing is, Mr. Palmer really does dig, I know that. I just want him to tell us more of what he knows.

And don't get me wrong. I don't want any pundit to make stuff up in the vein of Vince Foster-type deals in the San Juans that, as far as I can tell at least, appear to be designed to invoke the 'Make the 'b*stard deny it' response....But I sure would like more opinion from folks like Mr. Palmer about what they really thinks is going on (or went down).


Grant G said...

I sent you an email.

Facts, just the facts Ross K

Christy Clark had $1000s in legal fees paid for, legal fees related to the BC Rail corruption trial!

It was blasted on the CKNW airwaves back when Christy was still on the air, she admitted it HERSELF...This of course was BEFORE SHE DECIDED to run for the Liberal leadership.

I am 100% positive and dare anyone to refute this claim.


Grant G said...

Oh, one more thing....Vince Foster..

or shall we say...(S)Ravioli!

It`s amazing what can be discovered through the way back time machine,as in Archives!!!

Archives of August 10/2010 tells me what someone was doing, their mind set...

Amazing eh Ross?

One should really delete their archives if they plan on rewriting history, how can some people be at multiple places at the same time?

Quantum physics?..The space-time barrier?...I know..

We have invented the tele-porter and no one let me know.

Fish in a barrel.

Good Day

Gary E said...

Exactly RossK

He is a reporter nad his job as well as the rest of the MSM is to report.They don't do that anymore they just reprint press releases. They may dig but they don't let us know what they have. And therefore I allege they are not doing their job. Whether their editors don't allow them to print what they have they have a obligation to the public to report.