Saturday, November 19, 2011

Civic Election Update


I have very little to say, except that turnout really, really matters.

So go vote.

Otherwise, you just may be turning the fate of Lotuslandia over to FABula's 5000 which, of course, is the 5K that gets swung, at the last minute, by the codswallop on the TeeVee or the front page of the VSun, because they haven't been paying attention and/or they have forgotten who closed the libraries, made 'No-Fun' our tag-line, and did the evil False Creek condo deal with the devil and the deep-blue hedge fund in the first place.


Oh, ya....And like Mr. Reid says, three years ago most of us actually voted for the greening, the bike lanes, the parks, a real homelessness program and more housing stock...So, despite the fact that the guy running the show is not the best Mayor we never had, isn't that pretty much what we got?...How often does crazy stuff like that actually happen in three years?...And did I mention the Casino Industrial Complex?....Do you actually think the folks running Ms. Always Campaigning would have allowed her and hers to lift a finger to stop that?



Rusty M said...

One of my pet peeves is when people say, "If you don't vote you can't complain"

I say HOGWASH ... if both candidates or undesireable, worthless clots, you don't need to choose between them; a non vote is a legitimate voices.

However, i must confess ... in the case of Robertson v Anton, there is only one undesireable, worthless clot


Rusty M said...

i meant to write 'legitimate choice' and not, 'legitimate voices'

sorry it was the cheap alcohol talking DUH