Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did The RailGate Cult Club Just Gain A New Member?



Update: Mr. Willcocks has written to let us know that he is actually renewing his lapsed membership...And, as evidence, he has shown us the hole-punches on his old Cult-Card...Inspired by his willingness to be labelled as kinda kooky, or worse, we decided to unearth additional evidence of a 'Joy'ful kind...Read all about it in the comments

After he gives a measured account of the Toope Report, Paul Willcocks concludes with the following:

"...The legal fee issue isn’t the only remaining question. It’s still unclear, for example, why lobbyists Brian Kieran and Erik Bornman, who both admitted paying bribes to Basi and Virk to get inside information on the deal, weren’t charged. It’s also unclear whether that was normal practice for them, or Basi and Virk. They also admitted leaking information to lobbyist Bruce Clark (Christy Clark’s brother), but it has never been explained why they did...."

Sounds pretty cultish to me.

Sure does.

And on the 'Crazy-Like-A-Galloping-Guru' front, Mr. Willcocks also works the names of BOTH DM's who were in on the 'legal fee issue', specifically as it pertains to the Basi-Virk buyout, into his piece....Now why does that matter, I wonder?....



paul said...

I like to thing I am a long-tine cult member.
There are so many important unanswered questions in this case.

RossK said...



Clearly, you have just renewed your membership.

And then, of course, for the real acolytes, there was....



paul said...

I have been clearing off an old iMac prior to scrapping, and was reminded that I might be able to claim a very early membership in the cult. Charter member, perhaps.


RossK said...

Member Zero!

(and anyone clearing old iMacs in preparation for getting something more newish and even more improvier from the same fine folks would probably be interested in this)