Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grey Cup Day Update...The Sky Is No Longer Falling!


At least that is the latest according to the man on the ground from PavCo:

...Preparation for the Grey Cup hit a snag late Saturday when crews discovered water dripping from the roof of the newly renovated B.C. Place stadium.

Howard Crosley, B.C. Place's general manager, said the leak has been patched and will be double-checked before five-million viewers tune in to watch the big show....


And a good thing too.

After all, we sure wouldn't want a little wind and/or rain to befall these very finest of the fine fine folks.




Gary E said...

You gave me a big belly laugh here RossK. Raindrops was my first thought yesterday when I heard of the roof leaking, again. My second thought was I can't figure out why we could get soaked for a Half Billion to get wet when we can stand outside for free.Pun Intended

islandpapa said...

he He HE
400+ mill for 3 boats that,as far as i know, didn't leak.
500+ for a roof that does.