Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ladner v. Spam-A-Lot....The Cage Match Continues


We can't read his screed in its entirety because it is hidden behind the family's subscription wailing-wall at Business Vancouver, but Bill Tieleman is reporting that Peter Ladner is wondering, as have we for some time now, if former Mayor Smilin' Sammy Sullivan's never fully accounted for 'war-chest' was used to fund the fun boys who run Spam-A-Lot.

Here is Mr. T. quoting the NPA's former mayoral candidate and Sammy slayer Mr. Ladner:

..."It’s time for the NPA to get out a huge vacuum and suck up all the people who think every political opponent is evil, and that job No. 1 is to eliminate them," Ladner writes.

"It’s a tiresome, downer strategy borne of three years of citycaucus.com blog’s partisan putdowns – hilarious to family and friends, but tedious and irritating to anyone who cares more about the city than about hating Vision and COPE (RIP). (Was that blog really funded by former mayor Sam Sullivan’s 2008 election war chest?)"...

I guess my question for Mr. Ladner is....Who, exactly, would pay for such a vacuum?

Or put, another way, why would they pay for such a thing given that it would then be used to pretty much suck themselves up into the bag?

Given that, in addition to his pay-walled Bizness in Lotuslandia piece, Mr. Ladner also penned this, we figure he would very likely also dig.....This.



West End Bob said...

Anything that reveals the Spam-A-Lot boys for what they are is fine by me, RossK.

Maybe the water-carrier will ask their stellar representative about it on this week's show. No doubt he will be back representing the right-side of the political spectrum, don't you think ? ? ? ?

RossK said...

I'm pretty sure one of those two things will happen Bob.

And I'm just as sure that the other one won't.


West End Bob said...

Ooooh! Oooooh! (As Toody would say to Muldoon on Car 54, Where Are You?) Pick me, teacher!

I know which one is which . . . .

RossK said...