Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harvey O's Prescription For Revitalizing Occupy Vancouver...


...Is a pretty darn good one:

"...Revive the protest outside the Vancouver Art Gallery … which IS front and center …in the city, where the action will draw the most attention. BUT do it only one day a week …. say every Friday. That’s every Friday, all year round … with featured speakers at Noon, keeping up the message … every Friday, every week.

The single Day of Action will allow thousands of people … underpaid workers, unemployed workers, involuntary part-time workers, struggling single or coupled parents, union supporters, seniors, overpaying renters, aspiring homeowners, and thousands of others who understand and support the true objectives … to show up for an hour or two or for the day and take part, without giving up their entire lives and bedding down in the bushes.

Community leaders, union leaders, even on-side politicians, writers, actors and who knows, even bloggers, could take part in that kind of sustained protest and express their support for the movement...."

Sounds pretty good, eh?

But as for bloggers?

I dunno if anybody really wants to ruin a movement with wastrels and lever pushers like...





Rusty M said...

i dunno if that would carry any clout, sounds like the movement would be reduced to a once-a-week, fair weather tea-and-scone social event ... just ask those chinese people who have been protesting quietly on granville and 16th how their peaceful strategy has paid off over the past years ... i say let the movement percolate quietly until the time is right, like once the ghoul in victoria screws up enough courage to call an election, then let her have it -- loud, in-her-face, and demanding.

ya, the peaceful, quiet, polite referendum strategies never work ... we did that with the HST and what happened there?

RossK said...

You're confusin' me Felix.

Personally, I think the anti-HST initiative picked-up steam precisely because it was so polite and peaceful and open to everyone, not just the radicalized.

And make no mistake.... That thing toppled the Gord and, perhaps more importantly, it made it possible for an over-the-hill curmudgeon like Cummins to split a whole lotta right siders from the LINO herd.


Rusty M said...

My point is that the HST is still there with no signs of being removed ...

RossK said...

Ya....Sometimes an objective is just an objective....

And sometimes it is something less.

(I, for one, look forward to Mr. T's book on the 'movement' which I reckon will hit the shelves in time for Christmas 2013)