Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Has The (not)Premier's Tenure Hit The Tipping Point?


There sure is a lot of talk, blather and wild-eyed speculation about the importance of the Bye-Bye's that she who wishes, by all appearances, to be both the LINO's saviour and their Snooki has not even called yet.

But I do not really think that is the issue.

Instead, I figure the boys in the backroom, not to mention the Wizard behind the behind the curtain, will really start squirming when their first solid internal poll rolls in that have the ol' Curmudgeon floating high above the 20% bar.

And when and if that happens (if it hasn't already), I reckon that a whole lotta folks hanging out on the monied edges of the crumbling coalition that Gord stole (i.e. those who are waiting to place their bets) won't take kindly to any more smears....


What will be the Wizard's next play I wonder?



Rusty M said...

I say its time to bring in Joe Kapp to deliver a solid right hand to the jaw of Christy C ... now that would be an excellent photo op!

RossK said...

Oh Man.

I think maybe, instead, the ol' play caller should instead get together with the former preem and form a support group for serial belligerents that like to tipple occasionally....


Anonymous said...

BC voters dubious, anxious and want answers according to IntegrityBC poll

"Only 23.8 per cent of respondents had a favourable opinion of Christy Clark while NDP leader Adrian Dix scored a rating of 42.5 per cent."


RossK said...

Our own internal poll?