Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grey Cup Eve Update...The Sky Is Falling! (Part Deux)


The roof on the marshmallow is leaking again, the night before the big game.

And now one of the original media shills for the thing, a shill who works for BELLGLOBECTVTSNEverythingElseMedia, has been quoted by....

....Water dripping onto the field on Saturday came from the glass seal between the actual roof and the retractable glass roof, BC Place general manager Howard Crosley told CTV News.

The 99th Grey Cup is the new stadium's national coming out party. It's expected to have a television audience of five million people.

"It's something very important for them to make sure they get it right, because 563 million dollars has been spent on this renovation -- just over half on the roof itself," business commentator Tom Mayenknecht said. "It's got to be a big concern for them because they do not want this to be a story after the Grey Cup that fans had rain coming on them."...

The Original Sin...errr...Shill from Mr. Mayenknecht was detailed here.



Wenq said...

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99th Grey Cup

RossK said...


And what, exactly, is your 'botiferous view on shilling?

(and are you now, or were you ever, a bonafide, if somewhat machine-like, member of the powerhouse Vancouver Ravens' business plan machine?)