Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grey Cup Eve Update...The Sky Is Falling!


Well, actually, it's just the roof:

The general manager of BC Place Stadium said it's actually a good thing that the new retractable roof is leaking on the eve of the Grey Cup football game.

Howard Crosley, who manages the venue for PavCo, said a small leak appeared Saturday morning over the field at one of the 35-yard lines.

As of Saturday afternoon, 25 people were working on the roof, he said.

"The crews are up there and attending to it and fixing that, and [we're] hoping that if there are any others, they'll get a chance to fix those as well."

The leak appears to be coming from the silicone seal between a glass shelf and the fixed-panel roof, he said.

"It's not of any major concern. We are able to attend to them, and things are looking good for the game tomorrow."

"For the most part, we've been waiting for a good rain so that we could see if there were any places where seals hadn't taken properly or where welds might not be properly done that would cause water to be able to get inside the building," Crosley said...

Sure thing Mr. Crosley.

But here's the thing....

It's 7 o'clock Saturday night and the wind hasn't even started blowing yet.


This could get interesting.

Not to mention depressing given the $600 million unfunded cost (so far) of the thing.



Kim said...

Fuck!!! Six hundred million for one roof!!!! How many disabled adults, how many poverty stricken children, how many citizens of this province could that have benefitted? All of the above Alex, for $600,000! Fuck!

RossK said...


According to the price that Mdme. Clark put on the heads of the adult disabled ($50K a year which she called 'quite a lot') that would be....

....approximately 12,000 adult disabled years.


West End Bob said...

Ahhh, more of the DWI LINO gordo's legacy, RossK.

Add it to the double-the-original-cost-estimate convention centre, selling off BC Rail, etc., and there's quite a costly trail of tears on his journey to Canada's high commissioner to Britain . . . .

(Speaking of which the word verification on this comment was "c-r-y-i-n"! How appropriate, eh?)

Rusty M said...

We might as well all get used to it: in Christy and Gordo's greatest place on earth, substandard has become the new great ...

Kim said...

Trail of tears, very apt description.

RossK, thanks, I hate math. I knew you'd do the math for me ;)