Friday, November 04, 2011

Did The Good People of Motor City Take The Night Train...


....Out To The CrossRoads To Make A Deal With The Devil?

Why do I ask?


Now that they actually have a decent football team that even George Plimpton would be proud to play for (again), it would appear that their end of the bargain is to take Nickleback off the rest of the world's hands for a good three or four hours on American Thanksgiving Day.

It is, of course, something we who do not live in Detroit should be most thankful for.

Unfortunately, not everyone both inside and outside the 8 Mile is, apparently, willing to make their ears bleed for Lucifer.

Imagine that.


Rusty M said...

I'm guessing the Lions want Nickelback for the same reason the Canucks want John Shorthouse -- they both work cheap.

Hey! Have you noticed that Shorthouse doesn't say 'Luongo, REBOUND!' anymore? Now he says, 'Luongo, SAVE!'

Can't help wonder if this isnt by order from above; since the Canucks are stuck with this dunderklumpen are they trying to put a positive spin on his negative talent?

RossK said...

Order from above?

Well, when you've got an organization so PR paranoid that even Larscheid is jettisoned for being too tough....

You think no talent hack like the current play-by-play man isn't going to do exactly what he is told.

Especially when big Paul from Sportspage isn't around to watch his old boys' backs anymore?


Rusty M said...

Remember Dave Hodge?

All this urges me that maybe, just maybe, its time to dig into the BR archives and post a Tom Larscheid Top Ten list

Rusty M said...

And Hodge's replacement when he was fired the next day?

Ron Maclean, who so far has lasted almost 25 years.

kootcoot said...

The planet has turned upside down, indeed!

The Lions are winning games and even more startling, its November and the Maple Laffs are laughing in first place over-all!

RossK said...

Mr. M--

Re: TM quotable quotes....Wasn't there a good one about loving to pull the Russian Rocket's groin, or some such thing?...As for Mr. McLean...I wonder how it feels to be a nation's most visible quisling for a quarter century or so?


It is all rather bizarre, so much so that some of a certain age who actually remember all the way back to 1967 might also be wondering if this is going to be the year that Bobby Gimby to has another 'big' hit.


Rusty M said...

"I was alone with Pavel before the game, and believe me his groin never felt better"

Okay, I posted a couple of Tom Larscheid Top 10 lists for ya ...

RossK said...

Never, ever better?

Seriously Tommy?



kootcoot said...

"I was alone with Pavel before the game, and believe me his groin never felt better"

Tooooo funny! This is even funnier than watching Don Cherry do a prat fall (this happens in my imagination)! Really titillating in the GBLT community.........I would think