Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When An NPA Candidate Lies Down With Swine...

...They Love The Smell Of The Poo.

As long as they think they might win.


And if they don't?

Win, I mean.


You get stuff like this from 'former' candidate Sean Bickerton:

...the voters have spoken, decisively rejecting a Mayoral campaign based on puerile, sophomoric, gotcha-style attacks and trivial wedge issues.

In the process, voters have also rejected my candidacy for a second time. Having no choice but to accept the wisdom of their decision, I will be withdrawing from public life and service...


I don't remember Mr. Bickerton saying anything like that last Monday when trivial wedge issues were being thrown around like confetti.


Given all that, what would he have done the first time something puerile and sophomoric was rammed down the public's throat at a Council meeting if he and Ms. Always Campaigning had actually won?



Norm Farrell said...

Wouldn't you have to be in public life before you can withdraw?

RossK said...


Touche Norm.


kootcoot said...

Perhaps Mr. Bickerton could advise fome folks like Ms. Anton, Ms Crusty Clark and Kash Heed about the wisdom of withdrawing from public life......