Monday, April 11, 2011

Bashing Trudeau: Focus-Grouped Redmeat Garnish For The Base...

....Or Steve Harper's Real Message For All Canadians?

Here is Mr. Harper speaking yesterday:

..."I think it's probably a bit unfair to bash somebody in the grave. He's not here to defend himself. But as you know, Mr. Trudeau did have a different philosophy of government — a high-spending philosophy, centralizing philosophy — and that's not the philosophy of this government." ....

And here is a summary passage from an old CBC Bio that describes how the young Mr. Harper came to detest Mr. Trudeau and his policies quite some time ago:

...Trudeau was one of the young Stephen Harper's earliest political inspirations.

That admiration ended when Trudeau enraged the West by bringing in the National Energy Program in 1980. By then, Harper was living in Alberta and about to study economics at the University of Calgary....


Is Mr. Harper's recent NEP-free trashing of Mr. Trudeau's legacy a carefully calibrated limited release of cyanide-laced 30-year old resentment served up fresh, as redmeat garnish for the base?


Is it something that he and his have decided is now ready for prime time, nationwide?


Why does this stuff matter?

Well, if Mr. Harper has actually decided that the time has come to spread Mulroney era chocolate (coloured) sauce all over the legacy of Pierre Trudeau, it can only mean one thing.

Which is that he has come to the conclusion that the long game he invented so long ago deep within the eternal shiteshine of his Calgary Southwest mind has worked so well that Canadians have become 'conservative' enough to swallow this revisionist swill whole.

In other words, it is not just for the old Reformers or select residents of the 905 belt anymore.

Instead, it is for all of us.




Anonymous said...

Well, this has been an interesting day. With the cons defending themselves against the leaked draft of the AG's G8/G20 fiasco report. Baird's claim that he has seen the final report(a massive rewrite with countless black markers!) that could only be presented to the parliament. Then Sheila Fraser accusing Tories of misquoting her in a scathing letter this afternoon. Things are getting interesting. Rallying up the base might not be enough for Harper this time. As for Trudeau and the liberlas they were out of the picture in the right-wing west a long time before the NEP. For the crimes of multiculturalism, bilingualism and opening up immigration to all and appointing non-anglo(mostly jewish) judges to the supreme court for the first time etc.

RossK said...


And you've gotta love today's real pushback that was first wurlitzered through the Conservative Television Network which is that Iggy was actually born in Kenya, or some such pseudo-birther bullshite.


BC Mary said...

Sheila Fraser is my choice for newsmaker of the day.

I almost thought the prevaricators would get away with their Campbell-style of "can't publish this information about a $50 million boondoggle until AFTER the May 2 election" when ...

lo and behold, the coundrels tinkered with a year-old letter, signed by Sheila Fraser in which she seemed to be praising them for being so wonderful ... only it was all lies ... it was about somebody and something else ... fake, fake, fake ... and Ms Fraser was scorching mad.

Tomorrow's TV debate should be happy hour.

A very fine day to be Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Is that CTV? Why do cons need Sun TV aka Fox news north when we already have Conservative television with its senators in waiting doing the dirty work for Harper. I guess the reformcons need someone to push their " conservative" agenda on to the unsuspecting and often very naive Canadian public. The conservatives have already bought(as in bribed) all the ethnic media outlets in suburban Toronto with massive sums of money and federal gov err harper gov ads. These same outlets are busy parroting con propaganda and actually positioning Harper as a compassionate, socially moderate leader of the true north.

That letter Sheila Fraser wrote was against cons taking her quote about the Chretien government's investments in security after 9/11 as well spent and accounted for.....and using it in the report about their government's spending during G8/G20. So, Baird and Harper do get to change the reports after they are written.

RossK said...

Wasn't it interesting, not to mention telling, that they sent the good Mr. Day out to shed the crocodile tears.

And regarding why they need more media outlets in there pocket....My guess is that the entire playbook, which is pretty much based word for word on a bad photostat willing passed along from the three Horsemen of the Apocalypse (ie. Atwater, Ailes and Rove) by that fine fellow Mr. Luntz, is based on total info-dom....


Anonymous said...

In hindsight i think Jack should have waited 4 extra months to go for the 2006 election by which time a promised election was to be held. Also, the bogus RCMP investigation called into a leak about income trusts from Ralph Goodale's office by Judy in the middle of the election that allowed Harper to get in was the biggest blunder by the NDP in its entire history. In the end the info turned out to be false but the damage was done and the coalition budget; the best one that Canada had in 2 decades(the first NDP influenced budget at the federal level) came to nothing. Now we have to pay for Harper and his billon dollar summits and fighter jets that he gets such an erection for! Not to mention money launderers at 24 sussex drive(if the G&M story today is true). I'm still confused as to why the NDP would vote(on march 23) with the Cons to block the release of this damming AG's report without a parliamentary session on April 5 as the Liberals proposed before the government fell. I mean haven't the last 5 1/2 years of Harperism taught us anything?