Saturday, April 30, 2011

Canada....Meet Stephen Harper's Base


Do not avert your eyes - we all need to see and hear this.

And can someone tell me why it is only Andrew Coyne that is calling out the Con Operatives on this crap?

Not to mention the even more putrid crap that is being peddled/wurlitzered by David Adkin et al. that no one else in the proMedia will denounce as the tripe that it is.




G West said...

Thanks Ross.
This is a bad time - every Canadian with a shred of self-respect should be condemning the actions of these people and turning out on Monday to vote for ANYONE but the Harper candidate in this election.

No one should call the Harper Party a conservative party any longer - they are not worthy of the name or the reputation.

RossK said...


What I find most troubling is the wanton use by the proMedia hordes of the term 'Tories' to describe the United, mostly very far, Right.


Anonymous said...

neo-con bushite poopheads!!!

RossK said...


Now I recognize l.g.(not73) when I read him!