Thursday, April 21, 2011

If Mr. Harper Was So 'Concerned' About Mr. Carson's Ask...

...Why Did He Give Him The Money Anyway?

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, it turns out that after the PMO started lighting their collective hair on fire when Bruce Carson asked the Harper government for $25 million dollars for one of his shill factories while he was still working for said government, they gave him the money anyway.

Only for a different set of shillophants.

From Greg Watson's excellent CBC piece this morning:

.....The Harper government subsequently approved a $25-million grant for Carbon Management Canada, another research institute chaired by Carson.....

So forget about all this 'mistakes were made in pre-screening' codswallop, because clearly decisions were made to give Mr. Carson what he wanted after the PMO was already fully aware of the good Mr. Carson's inappropriate deeds while he was on the job.




Anonymous said...

Nicely summarized. Would that the MSM could be so clear.

RossK said...


That's the thing.

So much of the 'discussion' seems to be about a big whack 'o chaff rather than the the single grain of wheat.