Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Screw The Big Lie, Because...

....Steve's Got Truthiness On His Side.

How else can one explain how Mr. Harper could state, unequivocally and repeatedly, that there is no decrease in corporate taxes this year because the decrease was not announced this year.

Or some such codswallop.

Of course, the real tragedy of all this truthiness is the fact that the big media outlets in this country, including the CBC, have turned this into a "he said-he said" faux Battle Royale between Mr. Harper and Jack Layton based on last night's debate antics.

When the fourth estate is unwilling to call a demonstrable falsehood, especially one uttere with malice aforethought, what it really is we are in big, big trouble.




West End Bob said...

Add the fact that the majority of the electorate doesn't pay attention to the actions of their elected "representatives" and get most of their info from MSM soundbites, you're dead on, RossK . . . .

Anonymous said...

What I saw on the House of Commons TV channel, blew me away. A motion passed to give, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. They get huge tax reductions. Harper did say, he was going to give big business another tax reduction, which would come off Canadians paychecks. Why is our government giving the wealthiest company's in the world, our tax dollars? That tax money belongs to the Canadian citizens. Harper has no right giving our money to greedy, huge corporations.

Why does no-one question Harper, on his plans of Global Governance for Canada? He out and out said this, shocking everyone who was present. So, look out people. We Canadians may be taken for one hell of a ride, that we won't be able to get off of.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, we also build the infrastructure provided to energize(the power)the projects and access(the roads).

Anonymous said...

Layton is running against the Liberals and the Bloc, giving Harpercons a free run that they have enjoyed with him at the helm so far..........if past elections are any idication, we're doomed and this time it might be 4 years or more before we get to talk about voting against Harper again.