Friday, April 29, 2011

Why You've Gotta Surge AND Strat To Stop The Cons In Lotusland


From Eric Grenier's latest analysis, this morning, over at ThreeHundredEight:

"....In North Vancouver, the Conservative incumbent Andrew Saxton is now projected to retain his seat. It had been held by the Liberals in the projection for the entire campaign. Also in British Columbia, the New Democrats are now projected to win Surrey North, a Conservative riding. Jasbir Sandhu is the NDP candidate there...."


What that means is that you've gotta ride the Surge with the Dipper Sandhu in Surrey North to stop one of the original StealthCons, Dona Cadman.

But, if you live up against the mountains in North Van and you want to stop the Con, you have to lay off the Dipper Charrois and go with the Lib Noormohamed.


Will try and be back with more comprehensive summary of Lower Mainland later (sorry, heavy work day today)....Still waiting for that Esquimalt Juan de Fuca riding poll to be released over at ProjectDemocracy so that my Mom and Dad can know whether to Surge or Strat come Monday .....


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