Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Hubris Of The Twits


Mr. Chad Pederson is the Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party.

The very same BC Liberal Party that has had huge problems telling the truth about their massive, billion dollar stadium roof-assisted, provincial deficit.


Given all that, why would the good Mr. Pederson tweet the following:

Unless, of course the title of the post actually fits.



Anonymous said...

The real tragedy of the stadium roof refit was that it was approved - by the BC Liberals - before a confirmed business plan was in place, and the corporate media didn't raise even a whisper against it. Same way the corporate media didn't peep when the new convention centre doubled in price... or... or...

But somehow all others are evil ???

RossK said...

Anon Above--

When the going gets tough I can't wait to hear how this big tent and the carnival barking show next door was actually part of the 'Families First' agenda right from the beginning.

Or some such codswallop.