Monday, January 16, 2017

Obvious-A-Go-Go...Who Should Really Be Embarrassed By Ms. Clark's Graftiness?


This time it would appear that Ron is only being Obvious to himself:


I know that the good Mr. Mason wrote a couple of truly hard hitting pieces on the Premier's graftiness in the Globe and (NoLongerEmpire) Mail awhile back.

And for that you have to give him his due.

But he also wrote a piece were he wondered why the citizenry of British Columbia just doesn't get it.

Which brings us to the matter of who is or, more to the point, who should be embarrassed about the fact that it is a stringer for the far away Grey Lady who is calling out the graftiness for what it really is (i.e. influence peddling).

Because the BC Liberals sure aren't.

Embarrassed that is.

After all, their cynical innoculatory Friday afternoon 'get out front of the story' graft-dump demonstrated that in spades.

But shouldn't the local proMedia members that work for establishments like PostMedia, Global, CTV, CBC, etcetera, be well and truly embarrassed by the NYTimes call out given that they simply refuse to connect the dots between the massive donations and the deeds and actions of the premier and her BC Liberal government?

And, speaking of 'calling' folks out.....

Instead of making excuses for them, why hasn't Mr. Mason himself called out said local proMedia members for their failure to fully educate the citizenry of our fair province on the importance of a matter that he clearly understands to be an affront to the democratic process?

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Anonymous said...

The media in BC are so disgusting.I can see Jack Webster rolling in his grave, god bless him. These people are either being bought off or are promised a position later like Deb Hope, Jas, and Steve The Little Darlin. There puppet masters are keeping them under there thumbs and not a single one has balls enough to stand up for them selves. There vanity is more important than there integrety. I get my news about BC from the media in the USA they are a little more honest than the Kermits or Miss Piggies we have locally. Could you believe how popular a network would be if they told the truth and reported the truth. They would be able to write there own ticket in this province.....

Anonymous said...

seem the further away the story the more in depth it is, from BC.?

North Van's Grumps said...

BC Liberals take based on Elections BC FRPC data

2016/01/01 2017/12/31 $519,711.23

The Tyee Donations Link to the 319 pages

The data that the BC Liberals have provided, 319 page long, does NOT include the total.

The Tyee link to first 10 days

Page 12 of 14 Rennie Marketing Systems Ltd. $20,400.00 2017-01-04
Page 12 of 14 Rogers Communications Inc. $15,000.00 2017-01-04
Page 12 of 14 Ron Toigo (WHL cheap creep) $ 2,500.00 2017-01-05

via FRPC .... first ten days of 2017.. no results

The kicker to the database ..... BC Liberals manage their database first name A, B, C, D, Etc which goes to show you the benefit of their having had a fully paid for public education from Grade 1 to 12

North Van's Grumps said...

five hundred and nineteen thousand, seven hundred and eleven....dollars

Makes one wonder where the MILLIONs of dollars war chest is squirreled away on a database for the BC Liberals. Its certainly obvious that Elections BC hasn't a clue, nor has the BC Liberals taken the liberty of providing the information.

As of January 1, 2015 to now ... $9,899,149.30 recorded at FRPC

e.a.f. said...

Guess B.C. is getting well know around the world as "open for business" thank you New York Times.

the other areas which makes the New York Times for "fun" is the Stare of Alabama.
gee who would have thought, we rival a southern American state for "corruption".

from blogger's writings to the New York Times. there is a whole level of press that missed out on all those stories............oh, right the just didn't think we ought to know..........

B.C. where anyone can "bribe/donate" to the government in office. They don't seem to understand, not only must justice be done, it must be seen to be done.

While Christy rakes in the millions and skims her take, the disabled are living in abject poverty while her billionaire mine owner "friend" doesn't have to pay his electricity bill, just the interest. Oh, right he paid her and her party what was it, oh, about half a million or more???????

If things are going to ever get better in this province people need to get out and vote. That billionaire who got the "break" on his electricity bill, is british. We are Canadians and have the right to vote. Things are not getting better in this country. As the news reported the top two wealthiest people in Canada own as much as the 30% at the bottom of the wealth list. so if you want to influence governments you either make huge donations or you get out and vote because in the end, no matter how wealthy, they only have one vote, just like we do.

Anonymous said...

For many years I subscribed to both the Vancouver Sun & the Province. Although they always had a pro-business slant and as subscriptions became a lower revenue stream business bias completely took over. I maintained my subscriptions until about 6 or 7 years ago just for general information and to observe this medias' prejudicial perspectives. Their spins slipped from being slightly covert to being almost completely overt, so I first cancelled the Sun and then the Province.Unfortunately the misinformed, who have not been paying attention will perceive the misinformation as being factual. Not one BC Liberal MLA has any shame for the deceit they spin. If they had consciences or even an ounce of empathy they would resign.

Anonymous said...

Some suggest that prohibiting corporate and union donations and capping donations from individual would result in taxpayers having to pick up the tab.

The reality is that under the current system, the taxpayer is already picking up a portion of the tab right now because political donations are considered income tax-deductible expenses.