Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anatomy Of An Attempted Hacking Going Down?


Noticed an unexpected bump in page views at lunchtime today, which I thought odd given that I haven't been poli-blogging that much recently due to heavier than usual science-geek obligations the last week or so.

And then I found this bizarre saw tooth pattern of mini-bumps that peaked in the middle of the Lotusland night...

Which got me to looking at where the extra hits were coming from...


Given that I normally never get hits from Putinland, I immediately untethered the blog from any other devices/platforms and instituted the Googleplexes' unwieldy two-step verification thingy as well as a brand new password.

Here's hoping I still be able to get into this old place tomorrow.



Alison said...

Yeah, these spikes are always from Russia and they're always in the middle of the night. If you look back at your earlier stats, you'll likely see that it's been going on on and off for weeks now.

RossK said...

Thanks Alison--

I saw a weird uptick a couple of weeks ago and asked Laila about it, but those were coming from the States and it was pretty gradual, not these spikes.

I've never had this in the past, though (i.e. before this summer).


Norm Farrell said...

With less than 10 months until BC's 2017 election, there will be ongoing efforts to silence and discredit independent media. The corporate new operations have done almost no critical analysis of important issues and the owners stands obediently waiting instructions. As Bell Media showed recently, it simply takes a private whisper and troublesome political critics can be made to disappear.

We have the private power scams resulting in BC Hydro paying millions to its contractors to NOT produce power and we find the public utility shutting down its own supplies to take deliveries from the producing IPPs. That's even worse than taking private power at more than double the market price because Hydro's variable production cost of generating additional electricity is even below the Pacific Northwest market price. This fraud is costing BC citizens billions of dollars and the Press Gallery's old hands won't do anything more that rewrite government press releases.

Who has done the best job of Site C reporting, Laila Yuile or any of the alleged pundits hanging around the Legislature? Has any member of the corporate media tried peeling layers off the rotten onion that is the BC Investment Management Corporation, an organization determining where $130 billion of public assets gets invested and where senior staff reward themselves at a rate about 3x what Washington State pays its people to do similar jobs.

People may have noticed that Annual Reports of for the Government and Crown Corporations are late this year. The last audited financial statements for BC Gov't and most of its agencies are now almost 16 months old. Public Accounts are late too but that won't bother the Press Gallery members because they never read beyond talking points provided by government.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Hope it's not my fault!

Grant G said...

I had a similar Russian spike today too...

Cut n pasted from stat page




Russia 1480

Canada 1468

France 969

United States 675

United Arab Emirates 344

Mauritius 266

Germany 243

Japan 53

China 30

Ukraine 29


I also get many Facebook spikes that don't seem to register...

Not going to lose ant sleep worrying about it..


e.a.f.. said...

it is the lead up to the election and el gordo is on his way home. some of the bloggers, well you know Putin doesn't like you or shall we say Putlin like politicians don't like you. stealing is stealing and sometimes thieves like to "gather".

As the election grows closer it would not surprise me if more bloggers don't have a "Laila" moment. This is organized and it isn't that difficult to organize if you know what you are doing. My suggestion to all progressive bloggers, ensure your blog is about as hack free as possible. If this were Turkey, you'd all be under arrest.

It may not matter what the MSM writes anymore. Enough people have been negatively impacted by the B.C. LIeberals that they might not get re-elected. The high housing prices are going to do them in. Christy and her cabal can pass any legislation she wants but most don't believe it will work. Nothing will work. The horses have left the barn and its too late to close the gate. Even if prices fell by 50% most working people still couldn't afford to live in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or the North Shore.

RossK said...

It's ALWAYS your fault LG....Ha!


Thanks Grant--

It would appear that I've just come up on somebody's radar, somewhere...Sure can't be commercial...Also don't think it could be hit driven as things have been pretty much stable for a couple of years now.

So...Does that bring us to that which Norm and e.a.f. are suggesting?


Alison said...

Help! My Google Analytics Account was overrun by Russian Forum Visits...


Scotty on Denman said...

Ross: have you been included in the same diabolical interests as the Democratic Party has? We read today that their campaign website(s) have been hacked by somebody in Russia. Do you suppose some rotters in Russia are contracting out?

RossK said...

Thanks Alison!



If Alison is right it's most likely a weird Spam Bot looking to drive return traffic.

Kinda/sorta like a reverse image of a Clarklandian PAB-Bot.