Saturday, July 23, 2016

This Week In Clarkland...Is Cookie Dough Mike Afraid Of Some Lotuslandian proMedia Members?


The Clarklandian Finance Minister, Mike De Jong, held a press conference this week to talk about the release of his government's public account numbers.

Then he took questions from the press.

But only some of them.

Bob Mackin, writing in Business in Vancouver, has the story:

...Finance Minister Mike de Jong took questions from Victoria Press Gallery reporters, but did not take any from the two reporters, representing CKNW and Business in Vancouver, who attended a boardroom at the cabinet’s Canada Place office to listen to the news conference. The Vancouver-based reporters were told that de Jong would be available by phone after the news conference. When it was over, however, they were told that de Jong had to attend meetings...


There are some local proMedia members (or is it one?) that Mr. De Jong is loathe to take questions from.


On the flip side, it would appear that there as some friendly stenographers....errrr...Victoria (legislative?) press gallery members he appears to be very comfortable with.

Imagine that!

Cookie Dough Mike?....You bet!



Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals are afraid of real reporters. Bob Mackin is doing a great job.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Copies need to be sent to the Lords of the Press gallery but it wont do no good,They have lost all credibility any way there helping dig the holes for themselves and these parasites where is the legal beagles in all of this corruption surely there must be some with souls or are they afraid?

Eleanor Gregory said...

What! De Jong won't respond to a reporter from Business in Vancouver? I thought the Lieberals were all about business?

Willy said...

"I will answer questions but first drink a gallon of my bath water to wash down the cookies"

RossK said...


Agreed (re: Mr. Mackin)



You talking the reluctant absence of the Horsemen?

Well, there is that small matter of past performance and all that.



They're all about some business' more than others.

Especially that media one run by Bicycle Pete.



Shortbread cookies, actually.

Might have to mix in a little milk from the digital-free farm.