Wednesday, July 06, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Insanity Of Ms. Polak.


And whose fault, exactly, is it Ms. Polak?

And don't say the '90's did it.




Lew said...

There is no mention of increasing park recreational capacity in Ms. Polak’s current mandate letter, nor is there an increase in the park enhancement fund in her annual service plan, right through to 2018/19.

She’s leading from behind. Again.

RossK said...


Wonder if some wizard somewhere is devising a plan to sell off a few under utilized (i.e. less than 95% capacity year round) parks to generate the revenue to put in a few more fire pits for the rubes.


Lew said...

RossK, now you've done it!

In keeping with their usual strategy, the fact you've mentioned the idea publicly will soon translate into a claim of widespread public support. Murray Edwards could no doubt partner with Kiewit and SNC Lavalin to engineer and construct world-class fire pits in exchange for right of first refusal on a park or two.

e.a.f. said...

please you guys have to stop it. there is some twittzer sitting in Victoria now formulating the plan for this. Wait for the announcement for next summer. I'll never get into a camping spot again, O.K. maybe Nov. No, they close the parks then. they don't even open until May now.

If there aren't enough camping spots the B.C. Lieberals could have built a few more. They have been in office for 15 years. You'd have thought their friends who own the "fly and drive camper" outfits would have had them do that, but then all they had to do was deny B.C. citizens the right to go camping and make way for the Europeans.

the European tourists should have to take their chances just like the rest of us. Its not like they are a great source of income beyond the "tour operators". They fly in, get picked up at the airport, given their campers, and off they go. Some of them come as early April and are disappointed provincial campsites aren't opened until May.

Our European cousins, have kept an R.V. in North American for the past 8 years and I'm sure they aren't the only ones. For the 15 years prior to that every other year they rented an R.V. and hit the road for 6 weeks.

When they hit the road at the end of April this year they were disappointed provincial campsites weren't open yet. In May as they pulled into one camp ground up north they discovered 4 others from the same country, all in their R.V.s.

More provincial camp grounds need to be built if for no other reason the population of B.C. has increased, the number of camp grounds, not so much. Camp grounds, which were once privately owned in the O.K. have been turned into hotel resorts.

The reservation system was in my opinion, set up to make things more convient for "fly and drive" R.V. operators and their European clients, who have been increasing yearly since the 1990s. If tour operators want to ensure their clients get camping spots, let them buy their own camp grounds. We the taxpayers of B.C. do not need to provide them with their "equipment".

We have reached the point now in B.C. we can't afford to buy homes in the Lower Mainland because of the buyers from Communist China and when we want to go camping, we find the Europeans have beat us to the best spots. How the hell do we win in our own province? Oh, right get rid of Christy and make sure this time the should the NDP get elected that they "take back" our camp grounds and highways maintance.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Federal campgrounds are also in the same mess because of the reservation system, it's not just a BC parks screw up. I was camping in one of the big campgrounds in Jasper back in June, the federal parks employees were really upset that they are forced to put up the Campground Full sign and turn away families even though there are multiple empty spots. The big tour operators/ motorhome rental companies pre-book huge numbers of RV spots for everyday of tourism season and don't bother cancelling when they haven't fully booked. The parks employees I talked to aren't looking forward to the gong show this will create next year when federal park passes are waved for the 150th.

Anonymous said...

Hey when you gate off public crown land owned by every citizen of BC that used to have camping locations what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Only 7 park rangers for all of bc disgusting!

Kim said...

We had this sacred place. It was a forestry campsite on a river I will not name, that was maintained by the corporation as a part of the social contract. Until one year we showed up there and there was a sign. Then a guy showed up, looking for money. We talked with the guy a bit and then reluctantly paid him the money. Later that day, people showed up and swamped their ATVs in the river, which was full of tree frog tadpoles. A little later, a rave showed up, with bottles of tequila and bottles of everything else you could imagine. We haven't been back. That day, I realized that I have no right to be anywhere in this province.

Don F. said...

For every action there is a reaction!
That is a fact.
Not rocket science, the bottomless bucket of money will run dry as people leave for a better life.
Sad what bad government and mismanagement can do.

Kim said...

But where can we go? Us citizens, stakeholders, ratepayers? The gates are closed, slammed shut, no social contract left.

Chuckstraight said...

Slightly off topic, but I remember the year it was" celebrate BC Parks." I know a small BC Park that I think is referred to as class B. This place hasn`t even a park operator anymore. One morning a few of us picked up 13 dollars worth of beer cans. (after a grad party).
These types of parks have been completely let go.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

If you want to go camping perhaps the State of Washington and Oregon will accept us.

there really is a problem of "where do we go". Provincial camp grounds are only open from may to Sept. We can't afford to buy homes in the GVRD. If things continue this way our children and grandchildren will be leaving the country to find new homes just as our grandparents and great grandparents left their countries for other places. We could however, vote Christy out of office, and then make it clear to Trudeau, we as Canadians want to own our own country. Severely restrict foreign ownership of our lands.