Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Triple Delete...Make The Minions Pay.



Update, 5:00pm Thursday July 14th: Turns out that, sometimes, the minions of Clarklandia don't have to pay much at all...At least not in terms of money.


As noted by Bob Mackin in The Tyee, word has it that the low level staffer accused of carrying a spate of triple deleting that led to a subsequent serial misdirecting of investigators will plead guilty (to the latter, not the former) tomorrow.

Which means, as Dermod Travis pointed out with Jon McComb on (thegettingalittlemoregiantishonceagain) CKNW this morning, that a guy who was just doingwhat his ultimate superior (i.e. the Minister of Transportation) says he does also, will take the fall.

And this fall will stay with this kid forever.

And, as a result, no upper-encrusted Clarklandian, including one named by the privacy commissioner who works deep within the Premier's office, will be forced to say anything in court that could lead him or her to stumble or even break stride.


Still no apology from the Clark government to the whistleblower, Tim Duncan, who was demoted and sent packing by the OIC-appointed wizards for doing what was right (and legal) as noted by Dirk Meissner in a CP piece published in the Globe back in May of 2015:

...In a telephone interview from Calgary, Mr. Duncan said he was dismayed by what he experienced working for the B.C. government. He said when he raised concerns about possible abuses of the Freedom of Information process he was demoted to the research department and eventually fired.

Mr. Duncan said the episode unfolded last November (2014) when the Ministry of Transportation received a request for records relating to meetings held by ministry officials connected to the Highway of Tears files.

The 720-kilometre stretch of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert in northern British Columbia has become known as the Highway of Tears for the disappearances and unsolved murders of 18 young women.

Mr. Duncan said he conducted a search and found more than a dozen documents, but when he called a ministerial assistant, he was told to delete the e-mails.

“I’m like, ‘No, these are exactly what the FOI said we should be keeping,’” he said. “He just took my keyboard away, literally, and said, ‘Hey, now you don’t have to worry about it.’”

Mr. Duncan said when he raised his concerns a second time in January (2015) about deleting e-mails after a Freedom of Information request, a Liberal research director said: “It’s like the West Wing. You do whatever it takes to win.”...

That last quote, bolded above, to me is most chilling when you think of what/whose lives were in play in that game that the 'Liberal research director'  thought they were 'winning' by pulling this crap.

Because governing this province, and its citizens, really is just a game, right?

Dobell Doctrine, you might be asking?....Well....This.
Of course, this is not the first time that the local proMedia Club has immediately ceased digging when hard evidence points to questionable goings on going down inside the Premier's office...It's almost like they've all signed an anti-WoodSteinian Shovel-Dropping pact or something.
And no, for any and all low level PAB-Bots and/or Wizards reading/monitoring this.... 'Governing' and 'Campaigning' are NOT the same thing.



Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how the media decides to report about the woman stealing funds from a constituency office the exact same time as someone is in court for Christys Clarks triple delete scandal, Im sure the fair and balanced main stream media did not sit on this waiting for a scandal from the BC liberals that had to be knocked out of the headlines!

RossK said...


Deflector-spike spin was my first thought also.


Looks like the timing was special prosecutor driven.

More problematic (insidious?) I think is the drive-by impression in the media that Mr. Fleming was kinda/sorta somehow involved (especially on the web given that his picture is plastered everywhere) when it was he who blew the whistle.


sd said...

And not one word in the Sun or province about this but a picture of a woman in a hoodie is front page.What I find so disgusting is that Stone stood in the leg for months saying it was just not possible to get some sort of transportation for Hi 16.Meanwhile HIS office was deleting any of the e-mails related to the interviews of the people in those communities.There should be a picture of Stone hiding his face under a hoodie on the front page of every postmedia rag.

RossK said...

Cannot disagree with you there sd.


Anonymous said...