Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Last Of The Single Shingle Left Blogistanners Speaks!


I have been reading Driftglass since he started out as lowly a commenter at the best blog ever (a.k.a. Steve Gilliard's 'Newsblog'*).

And I've continued to read Mr. Glass regularly for the last dozen or so years for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is that he usually turns out to be right about the big issues going down in America.


It would appear that some of Drifty's readers are getting tired of his pointing out that the worst offenders of Wingnuttia, proMedia Division,  are now trying to slither away into the grass by pretending that they, too, knew what was really going down while they actually wrote and said the opposite for years and years and years...Because...You know...Both sides do it!

So, here is the dinosaur's response, in his own words:
...So when future electoral battles are joined, what do you suppose the margin of victory (will) be for the Right once they get their war-wagon running on high test again? My guess is that the margin will be the usual cohort of herd-following, know-nothing voters in the middle who figure that they might as well give the GOP a shot because everybody knows there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.

And how in the hell did those herd-following, know-nothings ever get that stupid idea stuck in their heads? They got it from -- surprise! -- exactly same poisoned well where Crazy Uncle Liberty gets that "Well, Libtards are just as bad!" alibi he whips out every time another one of his bigoted, idiotic lies blows up in his face.

They get it from hearing this same Big Lie of Both Siderism, repeated by serious, respectable and highly-paid media professionals in an infinite, closed, propaganda loop, from every direction, by virtually every media corporation, year after year after year.

You want to stop the Conservative tank corps that is rolling in our direction?

So do I.

And as a disreputable single-shingle blogger writing in a nearly-defunct genre from the middle of a cornfield, I can either spend my limited time and energy plinking away with my pea-shooter at the 12-inch-thick, sloped, explosive reactive armor with which the Right's battle-wagons are plated from muzzle to tail-pipe...

...or I can do my damnedest to use what little I've got to disable their Beltway media distributor caps...


Insert 'Dipper' for 'Libtard', above, and you will get an idea of why I, another longtime single shingle blogger from F-Troop list land, insist on paying attention to what our own proMedia does and says (and said in the past).


*A close second was Billmon's Whiskey Bar.



Bill said...

Driftglass has been a bonus link Ross, clearly and forthrightly calling out the goings on in US politics. The 'both siderisim' he has been calling out really helps to make sense of the media, the players and the state of the Union.

His commenters are pretty sharp too although my not being as up on the plays and players there are sometimes when I am only guessing as to what they are on about. So both enter tang and informative.

Yes insert the Canadian (BC)) nabobs and media into his posts and there is an alarming mirror fit.

e.a..f. said...

Also read Driftglass from time to time.

It is important to keep tabs on the msm BECAUSE if we don't, well we know how that turns out in some countries.

Off topic: just read on the CBC, el gordo lost his job!!! He's being replaced while "Dion is replacing a lot of other diplomats anointed by Steve. Guess el gordo is going to have to find a real job. Ought to be funny. Wonder what corporation gives him the job or what the name of his lobbying firm will be? Wonder what Christy will be offering him? Perhaps she'll give Gordon Wilson the boot and give the job to el gordo? don't think she'll be too happy to have him back in the province. She might get the boot and be replaced by him.

el gordo's run at the public trough has finally come to an end. thank you cabinet minister Dion.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Hmmmm..... recalled some of the Billion days. Smart guy. Recall a few tiffs with him. His attitudes were a bit mainstream and a few commenters kinda sent him off the deep end. Reality can be difficult after a lifetime of indoctrination.
He was an incredible source of information and is truly missed.
A few wild nights in the Whiskey bar!