Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...When Is An Abstention Not An Abstention?


Well, well, well, whaddy'a know.

Our fine Premier was not in the legislature to vote for human rights for all on Monday.


I guess this latest thing then is actually a reverse expedience slither from the piked position (a.k.a. being for something that the Opposition has forced you to do without actually being for it when you actually endorsed it).

On the flipside, at least Ms. Clark didn't go full metal Throness on the legislation.

At least not in public.

And where was Ms. Clark, instead?...Well, as Rob Shaw of the VSun notes, she was...Wait for it...At a party-scheduled (it's all 'party officials'/Laura's fault!) fundraiser...
Laila has more...and gets red-herringed by a Klout Klub member...on the Twittmachine.



e.a.f. said...

you say what? a missed photo op? must be trying to ensure she hangs onto the bible belters or some such thing.

a fund raiser, that's our premier, money, money, money. perhaps she could send some it to the disabled and kids in this province. they could use a few extra dollars, well hundreds each month. not happening? o.k, let me get this straight: not in favour of some people having rights but in favour of some people not being able to eat, pay rent on a decent place and get health care. O.K I got it now. time to turf the ballon photo op queen.

RossK said...


As Norm Farrell demonstrates definitively...

We don't need more money to take care of those British Columbians that need our need help most.

Instead, all we have to do is stop giving billions to the cronies for no good reason at all.


Lew said...

Neither the vote nor the fundraiser were spur of the moment events. Which means that Christy Clark had time to prioritize her attendance. Attendance at a rare sitting of the Legislature to which she was elected took second place to money-grubbing in aid of her reelection.

I despise Mr. Throness from other picture shows, but at least he showed the strength of his (tawdry) convictions and publicly abstained. Our dear leader sent out a tweet implying she was there for the vote and proud of it when she wasn’t. She had a choice there too. The truth; or misdirection. The truth got second place again.

She’s consistent; have to give her that.

RossK said...

An excellent point about Mr. Throness and his position Lew.

I hadn't thought of it that way.

Clearly, the good folks of Chilliwack will know exactly what they're getting if they decide to vote for him again in 2017.